Epitome of Faith                                   Set My Church into Order

“AND HE SAID UNTO ME, BEHOLD THERE ARE SAVE TWO CHURCHES ONLY: The one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the other is the church of the devil; Wherefore, whoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church, which is the mother of abominations; And she is the whore of all the earth. And it came to pass that I looked and beheld the whore of all the earth, and she sat upon many waters; And she had dominion over all the earth, among all nations, kindreds, tongues and people.” Book of Mormon 1 Nephi 3: 220-225


THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST RESTORED 1830 is incorporated as a Corporation Sole under the common law and filed with the Secretary of State of the state of Montana. It is a continuation of the original organization that was brought forth through the prophet Joseph Smith Junior and formally organized on 6 April 1830.

The church recognizes Joseph Smith Junior as one of the great prophets of God and fully believes that he fulfilled the mission and work on earth that the Lord had appointed to him. The following scripture indicates that he would be faithful until death. “Verily I say unto you, The keys of this kingdom shall never be taken from you, while thou art in the world, neither in the world to come; nevertheless, through you shall the oracles be given to another; yea, even unto the church.” D&C 87:2a. Historical statements also indicate that Joseph finished the work given him before he was taken.

The name Joseph Smith has been used for good and evil throughout the world just as he prophesied as a young boy. The evil slander against him has been the work of the Devil and is an attempt to destroy the work of God brought forth by him in these latter days.

There is no reputable evidence, that would stand the test of a court of law, that would convict Joseph Smith Jr., of the many nefarious and false doctrines attributed to him after his death.

Those false doctrines include: polygamy, secret temple rites, sealing of families for time and eternity, blood atonement, Adam god , or that mankind shall becoming gods. There is no valid scriptural support that exists for the false doctrines and theories that have been promoted by the Utah church.

“There is nothing which is secret, save it shall be revealed; there is no work of darkness, save it shall be made manifest in the light; and there is nothing which is sealed upon the earth, save it shall be loosed.” Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 12:97

The Church of Jesus Christ Restored 1830, recognizes a difference between calls to priesthood and appointments to administrative offices within the church. Calls to priesthood must come from God by revelation through a presiding officer. Administrative offices are nominated through discernment of the Spirit and appointed and chosen in compliance with the law by the body [church law in General Assembly].

If the church organization should fall into transgression it can only be reestablished or set in order by direct commandment of God through his authorized priesthood. Since priesthood authority emanates directly from God, all who hold priesthood and all members who have been baptized by authority, who have not broken their covenants, constitute the church of Jesus Christ.

Revelation given through Joseph Smith, Jr., prophet and seer to the church, April 1830, at Manchester, New York. This instruction came in answer to Joseph Smith’s inquiry concerning the status of those who desired to unite with the church and who had already been baptized.

” Behold, I say unto you, that all old covenants have I caused to be done away in this thing, and this is a new and everlasting covenant; even that which was from the beginning. Wherefore, although a man should be baptized an hundred times, it availeth him nothing; for you can not enter in at the strait gate by the Law of Moses, neither by your dead works; for it is because of your dead works, that I have caused this last covenant, and this church to be built up unto me; even as in days of old. Wherefore, enter ye in at the gate, as I have commanded, and seek not to counsel your God. Amen.” RLDS Doctrine and Covenants 20:1a-1d

When Joseph Smith Junior and Oliver Cowdery were baptized and ordained by the powers of heaven, the authority to perform the ordinances of the church were once more set down upon the earth and from that foundational beginning, the church was commanded to organize and this was gradually accomplished.

The church stresses that the organization prescribed in God’s law is crucially important and necessary for the governing of a growing church, for the perfecting the Saints, for taking the gospel into all the world, and for the establishment and building up of of the Kingdom upon the earth.

The church states that checks and balances established in the Doctrine and Covenants were instituted as a pattern to govern an orderly church administration and that when implemented will prevent administrative errors and abuses. The Doctrine and Covenants section 104 contains much of this law and is quoted liberally in the church’s, “Book of The Law of The Lord,” which separates out the authority and functions within the various offices of the church.

The church recorder keeps a record of those who have made commitment to follow God’s laws to the best of their understandings in volume II of “The Book of the Law of the Lord” in a book called “The Book of Names.”

The present acting presidency, (First Quorum of Restoration Seventy), has received numerous revelations over the past few years giving instructions on how to proceed and has given them authority to set the church in order. The church endorses the hope expressed by the prophet Moses, “…would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit upon them.” Numbers 11:29

The church maintains that if only the prophet, [president of the high priesthood], or the sons of the prophet can receive prophecy, then we must discard most of the New Testament which was predominately written by the Apostles. It also believes that if only the sons of the prophets become prophets Joshua would not have been eligible to have been chosen as the successor to Moses. Elisha also could not have been chosen to succeeded Elijah. The church poses the question to what purpose were the schools of the prophets conducted if it was not to prepare those in the schools to prophesy? God is the same yesterday, today and forever! “For I am the Lord I change not therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.” Malachi 3: 6.

The church maintains that all who seek the Lord in faith and humility from the least to the greatest, from a God that changes not and who is not a respecter of persons can and will receive instructions for that area of stewardship they are called upon to perform.

The church believes in the literal interpretation of the scriptures and accepts the Inspired Version of the Bible, The Book of Mormon, and the General Assembly approved 1835 Doctrine and Covenants (including the Lectures on Faith which were an approved part of the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants), and we also believe in later revelations received by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints inasmuch as they do not conflict with previously given laws and revelations as approved by a General Assembly, as scripture and teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ Restored 1830.

*A summary of beliefs is contained in the letter sent to John Wentworth, editor, and proprietor of the Chicago Democrat, by Joseph Smith Jr., March 1842, which contains “The Epitome of Faith”