The Joint Council

The Joint Council is a legislative body.  It is sometimes referred to as Council of Concurrent Jurisdiction, and is next to the General Assembly in authority.  It consists of the three presidencies which are made by law: the First Presidency, the Twelve, and the Seventy. This council is made up of what could be referred to as the executive and legislative bodies or legislative authorities of the church.  Each presidency when sitting in quorum and when unanimous in its decisions, has equal authority,  and the weight of their decisions is equal one with the other.  This constitutes part of the checks and balances that our Lord placed in his church to protect the church against abuses. All prophecy, all legislation to be considered by the body, must be evaluated by the three quorums for conformity to the laws of God prior to being brought to the General Assembly or Conference.  This Joint Council will establish set times to meet and conduct the required oversight to prevent the flagrant disregard of the rights of the people and legislate for the church , in order to protect them from any and all abuse.  See D&C 126: 10 d-e