By Parley P. Pratt

Now, reader, we launch forth into the wide field before us in search of a kingdom. But, stop, let us consider—What is a kingdom? I reply that four things are required in order to constitute any kingdom in heaven or on earth, namely: first, a king; secondly, commissioned officers duly qualified to execute his ordinances and laws; thirdly, a code of laws by which the subjects are governed; and fourthly, subjects who are governed. Where these exist in their proper order and regular authority, there is a kingdom, but were either of these to cease to exist, there would be a disorganization of the kingdom; consequently an end of it until reorganized after the same manner as before.

In this respect the kingdom of God is like other kingdoms; whenever we find officers duly commissioned and qualified by the Lord Jesus, together with his  ordinances and laws existing in purity, unmixed with any precepts or commandments of men, there the kingdom of God exists, and there his power is manifest and his blessings are enjoyed  as in days of old.

 This Book is an overview of the Laws of the Lord and is not intended to be an exhaustive treatment of all church laws.  It is our hope, however, that it will lead to further study by his Saints.

We do not believe that God has abandoned his people, but that he will still raise up those who will accept his word and law and respond to those requirements to enlist in the cause to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion.

The following pages contain carefully selected terms that clarify the various offices and functions contained within the organization and structure of the Church and Kingdom.