Given to Richard C. Weston 24 November 1999, Summerville South Carolina

Over the past several years I have become extremely concerned about the direction of the

leadership of the church.  In my daily consideration of our situation, I was given to much

prayer and supplication.  I now believe the Lord has spoken His will and direction for His



I, God, am merciful, loving and just.  I honor those who live in accordance with my doctrine.  I am angered by those that willfully betray My trust.  Repent my children and come unto Me with full purpose of heart.

Together we can accomplish much.  We can comfort those that need comfort; we can feed the hungry and free the captive.  Together we can give sight to the blind and make the lame walk.

It is vital to the mission of My church that you work together with each other and with Me in harmony, with an eye single to My glory and your reward will be just and your cup overflowing.

With a voice of warning I remind you to keep a vigilant watch over My church lest Satan enter into the body like a cancer and attempt to destroy My church from within.  Remember My children, I am God and I change not, neither do I walk in crooked paths.  I am unchangeable; the same yesterday, today and forever.

My servant, the president of the church, Marcus Juby,  is being manipulated by some that are possessed of an evil spirit, even the spirit of Satan.  Marcus, my son, go to your quiet place and pray for release from this force that holds you captive.  My servant, Joseph Smith, Jr., experienced this force of evil while in the grove at Palmyra and gained release as he called upon me.  I leave you with your agency.  You may repent and ask to be freed from this force, or you may continue in your present course which will bring condemnation to your soul.  Choose wisely my son.

To the members of My body:  Love, compassion and forgiveness bring about reconciliation.  I have called Marcus Juby to be My prophet in these last days, to set My church in order, even as I called My servant, Joseph Smith, to restore My gospel to the earth.

Remember, while My servant, Joseph Smith, was vacillating, I called him to repentance and forgave him and restored his authority to act in my stead.   I will forgive my servant Marcus if he repents and humbles himself before Me.  You must likewise forgive him and together work to establish the cause of Zion and share your witness of my Son in all the world.  Adherence to these instructions will bring unity and strength to you, My people.