No. 10

12 September 2000, 4:30 A.M.

  Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley, Missouri

                 I was awakened by what I thought was a knock on our door, and realized that it was not a knock on the door, but that the Lord wanted to communicate with me.

I call upon you at this time to come forth to the forefront of my  purposes.   You of my Seventy have the responsibility, if you will heed my call, to be engaged in my latter day work to bring all things into unity.  I have planned to bring forth this strange work from the beginning.  It is my desire that you study out all things in your hearts and minds that I have asked of you and your understandings will be enhanced.  I will give you that degree of understanding you need at the very time it is required.  Be patient, yet steadfast in those things that you know to be true and continue to pursue with renewed strength and energy those things I have asked of you.

I will give you line upon line; precept upon precept; here a little and there a little until you come to that knowledge needed to accomplish that which I have required of you.

My handmaidens must continue to take part in the tasks I have given you to perform.  I am pleased with their response to the counsel I have given.  If they will continue to support you, I will ask even more at their hands, for my work must go forth and many I have called to labor in my vineyard have left the work in the heat of the day.  If you will hear my voice and heed all I tell you, though you are few in number, you shall grow into a multitude.  And if you will set all things in order as I bring light and understanding to your minds and hearts, I will cause great things to come to pass by your hands.

Summer is upon you and the field is ripe and the harvest is not gathered.  Once more I say unto you, cast in your sickles and reap, that I may store up unto eternal life those who will be saved.

My word has not yet gone forth in that power that  I have desired of my people, for they would not go on to perfection.  I call upon you to strive for that perfection that will allow me to grant you power from on high, that Kings and Princes will tremble in your presence.  That perfection in not far from you, saith your God.  Seek it with all your hearts and I will grant it unto you.

Cease to excuse yourselves from doing that which I have called you to do.  Decide this day who you will serve.  Will you serve me or serve yourselves and the world?  The time has come for you to decide.  It is my desire that you choose to serve me and my children who are perishing in sin.  If you will do this, I will pour out my Spirit upon you in mighty power and you will know that I AM, and that I am a rewarder of all who are faithful and true.

Bring my children to the waters of life and cause them to drink freely, that my heritage might be multiplied upon the earth.

You have been called to the work, see that ye fail not and great shall be your reward.  Amen