No. 100

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Sibley Missouri, 2 June 2005   5:30 A.M

      Thus saith the Lord to those who truly seek me of my children in Africa.  I have heard your groaning under the bonds of poverty and your cries for release from those who oppress you. You have sought me for release from disease and from the craftiness of conspiring men.  Think not that your cries go unheeded.  Those who seek me with a sincere heart shall obtain the victory over all oppression.  My truth can make you free and if I make you free ye shall be free indeed.  I have prepared a pathway whereby all who will keep my truth can receive my blessings.  Those who will embark upon this pathway shall find comfort to their souls.  It is a pathway that by-passes the old ways for I make all things new.  My ways are truth and light and righteousness and all who will come into this light will receive the blessings I have reserved for my obedient children.  Ye are my children if ye obey The Father’s voice.

   Seek to serve me in Spirit and Truth and it is my good will to give you my Kingdom.  Purge yourselves of all unrighteousness and be clean before me.  I do not look upon sin with the least degree of allowance.  Think not that you can keep the old ways and not be in danger of the judgment.  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life of the world.  He who will believe on me and forsake all evil shall be my disciple.  I will cause him to sit down in the Household of Faith and deliberate in the Councils of mine Elect.

Cast off that which has failed and embrace that which endures forever.  Take hold of life and truth and ye are mine. The pathway is before you, I have prepared the way.  It is the only pathway that leads to eternal life and joy in my Kingdom.

I have heard the cry that, “The Lord hath forsaken me.”  But I say unto you, it is you who have forsaken my commandments that has caused you sorrow and despair.  Turn wholehearted to me, my covenant and my kingdom and try me saith your Lord and see if those who follow me without the least degree of turning are not blessed.  All things are in my hand to give; however I do not reward the disobedient.  Obey my word and my blessings shall follow.  Ye cannot be double minded and build My Kingdom.  I require the full expression of your gifts and talents for the building up of my Church and Kingdom.

Come out of the world, my children if ye will serve me and my little ones.  For the souls of men are precious in my sight and it is my will that all might by obedience be saved.  Seek my will and I shall come unto you and comfort you.  Obey my commandments and I can bless you with the gifts of heaven, and the rich bounties of the earth and depths of the sea.  All is mine to give unto whom I will, saith your Lord.

Seek me early, do not procrastinate the day of your salvation and Lo, I am with you always.  Amen