No. 11

Sibley, Missouri

3 October 2000, 6:10 A. M.

  Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

                Come near unto me saith the Lord and I will reveal unto you my will.  It is my will that you of my Seventy begin the process of reconciliation with those who have been estranged from my fold.  Approach them with meekness and I will go before you and prepare them to receive you.   I have given you the keys to continue my work that must go forward; the keys that will open the doors of salvation to mine Elect who hear my voice.

Your efforts in organizing yourselves must go forward with greater commitment, and I will bless your efforts with success.

Hear me for my words are words of life.  Give ear to all that I bring unto you, for I desire to do many things to build up my people through your commitment and efforts in my cause.

Do not think that you can wait or that I will delay my purposes.  For my will shall be done in the earth, for the earth is mine and its fullness also.

I will come with a shout with the hosts of heaven to claim my vineyard.  My servants must be ready to go out to meet me.  I have called you to prune my vineyard in the dispensation of the fullness of time.

Take up the keys I have prepared for you and walk in faith in my ability to bring all my words to pass.   For if you will, saith the Lord, do that which I call upon you to do I will cause you to thresh the nations with a Rod of Iron, which is the rod of my Spirit which is my word.

Seek unto me and continue in faith.  Hold fast to that which you know is true.  Continue to approach my Throne of Grace for those things you need in your lives, and I will bless you with all your needs.

Glenn, my son, you are one of my very own.  I have purchased you with blood.  I know your heart and also your fears.  Fear not, for if I be with you, why should you fear?  You have eternal life and that is the greatest gift I bestow upon my children.  Walk in the assurance I walk with you.  I have allowed afflictions to come upon you to prove you and to bring you closer to me.   For it is my will that you serve me with full purpose of heart.  I know you want answers to those questions that are upon your mind, but trust me and draw closer and I will give you that reassurance you seek.  Move forward in the work I have called you to and take no thought about those things that are in my hands.  Walk in faith and continue in that path you are on and I will bless you abundantly.

Hear me my children, and I will continue to instruct you.  If you will do those things I have given you, I will then give you more to do in my name.

I am pleased with your dedication and unity one with another.   Remain faithful and the time will come when you can share this unity with others of my children.    Amen.