No. 12

Sibley Missouri

27 October,  2000

  Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Hear O Israel!, The Lord your God.  Seek unto Me and I will gather you as a hen gathereth her chicks.  Will you continue to refuse me?  I am your God and have called you, hear my voice!

I give unto you my words that you may know my will concerning you.  I have given you commandments not a few, and yet you have preferred the words and traditions of men over my eternal truth.  Return to me saith the Lord and try me and I will pour out blessings from on high to all who come unto me.

Give ear and hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches which are scattered across my holy inheritance.  Hearken unto my word, and keep my commandments you who would be a part of my work to build up Zion.  You have asked and I have responded.  Will you hearken unto me?  If you refuse my answer to your petitions, why do you continue to ask?  I have said, “Ask and it shall be given you, but until now, you have refused to receive that which you have asked of me.

The adversary has done his work well, and has caused you to not trust even my servants whom I have sent unto you.  Seek unto the body and  to those servants who still labor in truth in my  vineyard.  Be not confused, but test all things by my word that has been accepted by the body, which is my church.

Seek unto those whom I have called out of the world and set in my church; those who have been given authority of me to set in order all things.  I have brought my Seventy out of troubled waters for this very purpose.  And if you will, saith the Lord, heed their counsel, I will establish you once more as my people.  Yea, I will bring you to fountains of living water and you may refresh your souls.

You have long wandered seeking a leader.  Seek unto me saith the Lord, and seek unto those who I have appointed as stewards over my scattered flock.  Those who continue to refuse the pattern and means I have caused to be established in my church to carry on my work shall be cut off from the midst of my people saith the Lord.

The Spirit saith come, and be one, or ye are not mine.  Seek unto those whom I have sent and I will gather you and I will nurture you and secure you to dwell in my kingdom which shall be prepared and set up before I come in the glory of my Father. Amen