No. 13

Revelation given to Richard Weston

5 November 2000   Summerville, South Carolina

On the evening of 5 November 2000 as I was retiring to my bed, and audible voice called to me saying “Be still my friend, and know that I am God.”  I was instructed to write the following counsel for the Restoration Quorum of Seventy.

I call you my friend  because  you are my friend.   I am well pleased with your dedication and response to my commandments.

To my faithful friends and servants of the Seventy:    See that you falter not when tempted by the adversary.  I caution you now for the adversary will surely tempt you even as he tempted my friend Job.  Continue in the study of my word and show yourselves approved.  Learn what must be understood and heeded before setting my church in order.  Tumultuous times are ahead before my promised return.  Be especially watchful of your words and mannerisms at all times.  The adversary will make opportunity of everything you say and do.  He will twist and distort your words to deceive the world for his own gain.

Follow me, walk in my footsteps, do not run before me and I will take care of you.  I will instruct you along the way if you remain faithful.  Be of good cheer my friends.

My Father and I are well  pleased  with your  vigilance and wish to endow you with wisdom and truth from on high.