No. 14

Sibley Missouri

17 November 2000, 6:30 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

                My beloved people:  My voice is unto the ends of the earth.  Hear and take heed.  I, even I, wish to call upon you.

There is yet time if ye will rally to my cause.  I take no pleasure in the destruction of mankind.  It is still my will and great desire that all will turn from the ways of evil and destruction, but most have refused my counsel.  See that you, my people do not follow that same pathway, for my words that have proceeded forth from my mouth shall all be fulfilled.  Gather yourselves together and draw closer to me, saith the Lord your God, and I will endow you from on high.  I will pour out my Spirit upon you without measure and you will confess unto me, that it is enough.  Then with the wings of eagles, I will send you forth as swift messengers to the nations.

I have called upon others to assist in the work I have called you to perform in my name.  Pray that they respond swiftly, that you my people, and especially you, my servants of the Seventy, are increased; that my name may be brought before every nation in the power of my Spirit.  Witness and reprove, my sons and daughters, for the day draws to a close,   and I will keep my word that I gave to my holy prophets that destruction shall go before my face.  For wickedness shall not stand, saith the Lord, when I return to rule over my people in righteousness.

It is yet a little while and Zion shall flourish upon the hilltops and a multitude of the obedient shall come unto her, singing songs of everlasting joy.  Then shall the prophecy be fulfilled that says, “I will bring my people out of every nation.  They shall come weeping and singing songs of joy.  Weeping all the while they are pouring out their praises to their God in song.”   I will have great compassion on them at that time saith the Lord, and will establish them, and they shall receive an everlasting inheritance.

You of my Seventy have begun a great work and I am pleased with that which ye have done.  Yet, this is only the beginning of that which I will require of you.  Set my church and kingdom in order, and I will then be able to endow you from on high,   for my kingdom must be established in righteousness and truth else it is not my kingdom, but the kingdom of man.  Persevere in the cause you are engaged in and I have promised you to give you that light and guidance necessary to bring forth all that I desire of you.  Keep yourselves ready to respond to the promptings of my Spirit, and I will cause your efforts to succeed without measure.

Walk in faith, trusting that I have all power in heaven and on earth, and can confer that power, in measure, to whomsoever I will.  It is my desire to empower you of my Seventy and the process has begun.

See my hand in all things.  Fast, pray and hold yourselves ready to respond, and I will prepare all things before you.  For yea, once more I say unto you, “It is my good will to give unto you the kingdom.” Amen.