No. 14A

Elizabeth East, Australia

17 November 2000, 5:30 AM

Received by Seventy Bill Green

                When the Quorum of Seventy called the Presidency and the Twelve out of order, the Seventy did this as the Third Presidency with my blessing and power.  The members of the present Quorum of Seventy are the Presidency of The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and have full authority of this name which is available to the six men in the Quorum of Seventy all being of equal status when acting as the Presidency in a business situation.  You may choose a chairman and secretary to act at such a meeting.  This is my requirement until the Seventy have fulfilled their work in calling the church into order.  Welcome those who want to assist in the work that is before you.

I have seen into your hearts and know how you are feeling.  Be patient, hold fast to the Rod of Iron and you will be victorious.  I will go before you and prepare the way.

                 As Seventies you now have the full power of the church resting on your minds.  Use this power carefully, and act only to the pattern given in the Scriptures.

A Humble Servant in Jesus Christ’s name,

Seventy Bill Green