No. 15

Sibley, Missouri

29 December 2000, 4:07 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

                 Harken to those things that I desire to reveal unto you at this time.  You have been troubled in your mind and have not found rest upon your bed.  It is because you have not followed that which I have given you as instructions for accomplishing my will upon the earth.  Let not your mind be distracted for I have called you and my Seventies out in this time to do my will, not yours, upon the earth.  I take no pleasure at upbraiding you, but you must know that my will shall be done in the earth, for I will accomplish all that I have promised unto your fathers by the mouth of my servants, the prophets.  Gather together often, my little band of Seventies, and try me, and see if I do not keep covenant with whom I commune.  Search those words I have given you and place them in your heart as a guide and you will yet succeed in accomplishing my purposes.

I understand your desire to be a part of those with like mind and this desire is not wrong,  however your task at this time, is not to strengthen the Saints, but to establish my law and my church.  Keep yourselves fully dedicated to this task and your rewards of success and fellowship will follow in abundance.  I have entrusted you with the care of my flock.  Take heed how you fulfill this trust.  You will not find the fellowship you desire nor be pleased with less than that which I have prepared for you to bring forth in my name.  What I desire at your hands is like that treasure that is buried in a field, that when you find it, you sell all that you have and go and purchase that field.

The earth groaneth under the weight of sin and awaits the day of the dawning of righteousness. The work I have given you to perform cannot be fully understood by others at this time, so return to the labor and establish my purposes, and the time will come that my work shall be shouted from the housetops.  Look not back, my sons, but look forward to that which you are to prepare and provide as your portion that has been appointed unto you.

Be steadfast in your commitment to me and I will bring understanding to your hearts and minds.  You dwell in a world that has departed from it’s beginnings.  I would restore all as at first that peace might be a reality, and not just a hope in the minds of men. Seek my will in all things and I will not keep back, but will open the windows of heaven and will grant you from my storehouse, words of wisdom; words of knowledge; words of life.