No. 16

Sibley, Missouri

January 16, 2001, 5:30 A.M.

 Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

                 Hear, O my people, the word of your God.  I am one.  I do not walk in crooked paths.  My course is straight.  I will plead with you to come out of Babylon and make yourselves clean before me.  You cannot serve two masters. You say that you are mine, then heed my words and I will gather you.  Place your trust in me and in my word which I have sent forth from everlasting, and you will not be disappointed nor rejected.  Seek me early while there is yet time, for there is much to be prepared before I come in my glory.

Once more I say unto you, Hear, O Israel, the word of your God.  I have called upon you all the day long and you have not responded.  I sent my Son to you and you rejected him.  I cast you off from being my people and scattered you among all nations, and you still did not seek after me to return.  I am not well pleased with your rejection of my counsel.  Turn from your stubborn ways and cast off those things that separate you from your God.  I am the same, I change not and will keep my covenant with your fathers,  but if you are to be numbered with mine elect, you must turn to me and reject the things of this world that would separate you from my blessings.

And now to those who desire to serve me;   those who have come together to learn of my holy pattern for the governing and building up of my people.  I am pleased with your desire to serve me.  I have promised you the talents and that light necessary to set all things in order.  See that you accomplish all that I have called upon you to do.  Study those words I have already given you and know that they are of me.  Follow all that I have commanded you and my purposes will be accomplished in you.  Many things are transpiring around you now that may not be apparent.  I will bring those who will hear me to assist in your work at the proper time.  Until then continue in the task I have given you and the foundation will be laid for my continued work.  The work that I am requiring at your hands will be of great value to my people.  Continue to move forward and look not to the right nor to the left, for it is you that I have given this work, and no other.

In time others will come, but be patient in this thing, for it is I who will bring them and call them to the work.

Do not give the adversary opportunity to discourage you.  I have told your brother seventy in times past, that they would have power over evil spirits, and power to heal the sick and nothing could harm them.  You of my seventy today have that same promise if you will now move out in faith.

Continue to pray and fast, and Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.  Amen.