No. 17

Sibley, Missouri

January 23, 2001, 6:00 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

I received this in request to what I should write for an introduction or preface to the Book Of The Law Of The Lord.

All ye who labor and are heavy laden, come unto me and I will give you rest.  For know that it is I who must build my house, for if any other build it, they build in vain.

It is yet a little while and my vineyard shall be ready.  The vintage is ripe upon the vine.  I will reap the harvest and I will tread the winepress, for I do not plant without hope, and the wicked shall not stand.  My Saints are hope within my breast saith the Lord.

Come together and make a joyful noise, lift up your voices as one upon my hills of Zion.  Step outside of your petty bigotry and stand as I have called you, as obedient sons and daughters in my law, for my word is my law, which is sharper than a two edged sword unto the dividing asunder of both joints and marrow.

Rise up, my sons and daughters of Zion, and put on clean garments.  Put off your doubts, your fears and your suspicions.  Embrace my word and cling to all that I have given you through my true prophets.  But know that not all who say Lord, Lord are of me, but those who love me and do my will are mine, saith the Lord.

The day is drawing toward the close, and the opportunity to serve and store up treasures in heaven will have past.

Think not that you can sit idly by, heeding the fables of men who soothe your consciences, yet leave your work undone, and receive the reward of the laborer. You must serve me and my Son who is my word made flesh, who has been with me from the beginning, and whose going forth has been from eternity, if you would receive a reward from my hand. For if I do not call you to the work, for whom do you labor, and from whom do you receive your wages?

If ye desire an inheritance with my sons and daughters who have overcome the world, ye must also overcome the world.  Embrace my Son, cease listening to every wind of doctrine that the enemy has spewed forth upon the earth to mislead you.  Come and drink of the waters of life freely and eat of the bread which will fill your hungry souls.  My body is bread indeed and my blood is drink indeed.  Sanctify yourselves by washing and cleanse yourselves by mine Holy ordinances.  Confess and forsake your sins and you may eat and drink of my word and my Spirit, saith the Lord.  Do not partake unworthily as some of you are doing at this time, not discerning my body.

I will gather you if you will be gathered, saith the Lord, but if ye refuse me, Zion shall not be a place of joy and refuge for you and your inheritance will be given unto another.  Amen