No. 18

Ivy Bend Missouri

8 February 2001

Received by Seventy Nolan Glauner

     Hear me my children and I will give you my instructions.

It is my will that you obey my voice.  There is little time before you must go before magistrates in my cause.  I will prepare you for this task.  Your road will not be easy, but fear not and know that the world persecuted me before it turned on you.  You will be hated for my name’s sake, for the world knows me not.  I have given them over to a Spirit of deep sleep.

Press on, my little ones, with the task you have embarked upon, and you shall prevail over all my enemies.  They will seek your downfall, but I will uphold you and you shall never fail as you continue to serve me.   I have called you out of the world to receive that which the world cannot receive.  Trouble not yourselves with those things that will not bring about my Kingdom’s goals.

I have given you the keys to open the doors of your understanding, and I will feed you upon the words which bring life to your souls. Continue in your pursuit of truth and I will fill you with my words of truth.  Trust in my direction and I will raise you up to even greater heights than you have received until now.

I am pleased with your intentions to serve my purposes.  Let nothing come between or hinder your progress in bringing forth my truth to my people.  I will accept your work if you will remain steadfastly involved in its accomplishment.  Render an accounting to Me as you come before me in prayer and fasting, and I will give you that assurance you desire, even that confirmation of my Spirit that will strengthen you on this pathway.

Seek even greater works than what I have called you to, and I will grant you even greater stewardships and greater responsibilities with this seeking.  I will also prepare you with all those gifts and talents you will need to accomplish your stewardships.

Serve me with joy and with full purpose of heart and though your joy will not be full in this world, I have a reward prepared for you when you stand before me in my Fathers Kingdom;  a reward that cannot be purchased by the means of man.  For I am a rewarder of all those who are just and true.  Great and marvelous things are prepared for all who overcome the world and come unto me.

Continue to seek ever increasing light as you study my scriptures, and my Spirit will enlighten your minds and warm your bosoms.  Then you will know that which you study is of me.

Do not despair my children, I have approached you this day not to discourage, but  to tell you that you are mine and all that the Father has given me are in my care and nothing can remove you from my protection.

Continue in peace one with another.  Overlook each others faults and allow not the adversary occasion to disturb your unity.

It is yet a little while and all shall be accomplished. Amen.