No. 19

Sibley, Missouri

18 February 2001, 3:52 AM

  Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Thus saith your Lord God, Seek unto me, for I am never far from you.  Have I not said, “I am in, around, and through all things?  By my Spirit, by which all things are made, I encompass my creations.”

Have faith and rely upon my ability to deliver you from the powers of this world.  They are for a little while, but my promises and my Kingdom are forever and shall not fail.

You who read these words and acknowledge them are mine Elect.  Know you not, that I am enlightening and empowering your minds?  All knowledge is mine, and I impart of my treasures of knowledge and power to whomsoever I will, saith your God.

You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and have given you authority to go forth in my name.  Bring forth that work which I require of you and try me, saith the Lord, and I will call upon you for even greater tasks.

If you will labor diligently, I can bring forth much restoration through your efforts.  I know your desires to serve me and I know the doubts and fears of each one of you.  This is also for my handmaidens who labor beside you in my cause.  Their reward shall not be lost if they continue their diligence.

It is pleasing to me that you are beginning to hear my voice through the reading and studying of my word, which word has the power to convert the soul for all who diligently seek it.  My Spirit is not far from you to teach you the peaceable things of my Kingdom when you are engaged in the study of my word.   My word is not new.  My word has gone forth from my bosom even from the beginning, even from eternity.  It does not change or I would cease to be God.  Feed upon my word and it will guide you in all your journeys through life, both in this life and in the world to come.

You are as children now and I am feeding you with that Spiritual food you can now understand, but the time will come and is soon at hand, when I will feed you with that food which is more substantial, even the empowerment of my Spirit.   I have reserved this empowerment for those who prove themselves just and true.  Be not boastful because I have chosen you for this honor, but remain humble.  For all who have received this power in the past have to make an accounting unto me.  Not all have remained humble to their great harm in the day of judgment.

But be of good cheer,  I have not called you to a Spirit of fear but of hope and great joy.  As my Kingdom bursts forth upon the world there shall be pain and great joy.   Pain for those who have turned away from me and joy for the faithful.

Keep yourselves unspotted from the world and continue in the task I have given you, and great shall be your reward.  Amen.