No. 20

Sibley, Missouri

10 March 2001, 3:50  AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Part One Addressed to Nolan

The first part of this revelation was given for my guidance.  The second part is addressed to the Seventy and Wives.

Those great things that you have a desire to do in my name shall be done,  but I have raised up of my own, those who are given to accomplish many of these.  Would you take away their glory?  Do not understand this to mean I have cast you off, but that I have others whom I have sent to accomplish my perfect will and it is for them to show forth their willingness to obey my purposes I have purposed in them.  Do not feel that I am wroth with thee.  You have attempted to do these things that I have called upon you to perform, and it is acceptable unto me.  When my children attend to the tasks I have given them with all their desire and ability, I will always accept their work.

Be not impatient in the work you still have before you.  Though you should feel the press of time and know that much of my word is being fulfilled in your day,  there is yet much to be done and remember, all things shall be accomplished according to my word that has already gone forth.

You have wondered in your heart if what you are doing is futile?  I now say unto you I am pleased that you have taken my words seriously and have acted upon them.  You do not see at the present what effect that work which ye do will have upon all those who are mine, but you will have joy in me when your work starts bearing fruit fit for my Kingdom. Amen