No. 20A

Sibley, Missouri

10 March 2001, 3:50 AM

 Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Part Two Addressed to the Seventies and Wives

 To my servants of the Seventy and their wives:   I say unto you do not give up hope for it is your calling to do many works in my name that shall be witnessed in heaven, and if you will remain true to your call you shall not lose your reward.  So keep yourselves upon that pathway I have called upon you to trod, and seek me where I can be found and not in the highways and byways of the world.  Your longing to serve has been recorded and is acceptable, but your longing will require a dedication to doing those things that are yet left undone.  Think not that you cannot do all which I call upon you to accomplish.  I would never ask of you that which I have not prepared or will not prepare you for.

Keep vigilance for the cause of Zion.  Do not listen to the voices of negativity that surround you.  Be not attracted by that which is not of me if you will serve my purposes.  Keep your eye single to the task you know I have placed before you and your joy in my good news shall be fulfilled beyond measure.  It is my good will to give you the Kingdom, but how shall I give it to you if you should turn away?  Be steadfast as I have commanded you and you shall reap the great rewards I have in store for all who are faithful to my call.

Do not esteem my words lightly, for you, my little band of Seventy, will give me an account of how you handle them.  Study my words for I give them to you for a guide to your pathway.  Stumble not or wander from my path which leads to life and my Glory.  I have raised up those who are special instruments in my hand in each dispensation of time.  I will also glorify you if you seek to bring glory to my Son who bought you with a price.

Continue to prepare your lives with study and fasting with prayer, and follow your faith with works that will bring my people back into my fold, and you shall reap a harvest with great joy.

I will instruct you concerning the setting in order of my church and Kingdom when all things are in place and my people are ready to receive you.  Fear not that my works will be frustrated for there is no hand that can stay my purposes and all my works and my words shall see fulfillment according to the words I have given my servants, the prophets from the beginning.

Seek me where I can be found.  I dwell in the hearts and minds of those who love my eternal truth and in no others.  Come unto me, my children and I will comfort you and shed light upon those dark shadows that you call fears, for my light will cast out your darkness.  Cleave unto my light and dwell in love, and darkness and doubt shall flee from you.

Have joy in the work I have given you and have joy in your unity which I give unto you. Amen