No. 21

Sibley, Missouri

31 March 2001, 3:38  AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Nolan my son, hear the words I give you.  You are my very own and I have raised you up to act in my name.  I know your reluctance to be in the forefront and in this you are not alone for only those who do not want to be placed in positions of great worth unto me and my Kingdom are worthy to occupy these positions.  I have called you out of the world to be an instrument for good among my people.  See that you do all that I call upon you to accomplish .  I have called you that my purposes might go forth among my people who long to hear my voice.  There are many tasks to be performed and as yet undone.  You and my Seventy must be willing to do all that is required of you.  It is my will that you give your full attention to the task of bringing others to the knowledge of the truths I have revealed to you.  This task will not be easy for you as the adversary has hardened the hearts of many.  Their disappointments have turned into rebellion and you must take up the task of bringing them back to an understanding and trust in my gospel if they are to be saved in my Kingdom.   If you are to accomplish this you will have to give your full attention to the precepts I have delivered unto you and make them known to all who will hear.

That work which you have done is pleasing to me and will serve the purposes for which I desired of it, but your witness and testimony of Me and my Son are essential to move my cause forward.  You have been concerned about the coming forth of my kingdom in these last days and I will increase your understanding of this great work that is yet to be done.  I am Lord of all the earth though when I sent my Son into my vineyard He was rejected of those stewards whom I had appointed over my vineyard in this part of my creation.  Yet it is my vineyard and I will reclaim that which is mine.  Those who have rebelled against me must speedily repent and return to me or their portion in my Kingdom will be given to others.

My children it is grievous to me when you become offended with each other.  I have given you that unity you have prayed for and sought.  How are you to bring my scattered remnants together if you, my little band, have disruptions of unity?  You each long for the things I have promised.  Be stayed upon these promises and hold to the vision and testimonies I have given you and trust each other, for I have brought you to an understanding that will cause you to overcome the world if you will allow.  Move forward in my cause to bring about my Kingdom in power upon earth and I will move with you.

You have asked me for the next step in the process of bringing my people together.  It is my will that all that you can do to bring light upon my word that has already gone forth is what is now required and witness wherever the opportunity permits.  Then when my people begin to respond be prepared to include them in your number and enter them on the roles of my faithful Saints, for what you do now and bind now shall be recognized and recorded in heaven.  It will be yet a little while and my church and kingdom will be set in order, but many must rally to the cause if you are to go forward in my desire to establish all as at first.

I will hasten my work through you as you respond to that which I have appointed to you as your stewardships. See that you do all that I command you.   My love for you has not changed and my desire for you to accomplish all that I ask of you is in the forefront of my mind.  See that you do all that I require of you and you shall see me in my Glory. Amen