No. 22

Sibley, Missouri

25 April 2001, 3:48 AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Considerest  thou my words carefully.  I am He who spoke and the worlds came into being.  They are mine and all things that in them are.   See that you do not provoke me or take my words lightly.  I speak and it comes to pass.  I speak again and it is taken away.  All things are mine to command and all mankind shall bow the knee for the day cometh that shall burn as an oven and all who do wickedly and will not repent shall be consumed.

Hear me my people.  When will you heal your backsliding ways?  I do not desire that any of my creation turn away from me and be lost, but my words shall not be withdrawn for I am not man that I should repent.  All my words are given in perfection and do not change.  Hearken unto these words now and live, for they are words of life unto all who will heed them, but words of condemnation to the disobedient.

Ten years ago I gave a commandment to my servant, Norman Page, to begin the process to set my church in order.  Those who responded to my call were commanded to follow my pattern.  They instead disregarded my commandments and followed the traditions of men and brought my church to shame.  Shall I count this disobedience lightly?  Woe unto them who would harm my little ones.

                I have called again those of my Seventy who will obey me to once again follow my pattern that I have set down for the blessings of my children.  You have responded to this call and have not fallen away.  Keep yourselves steadfastly upon that path I have enlightened before you and you will prevail.

It is your task to take up the responsibility of my church.  Let not your hearts be troubled nor doubtful.   I have called you to this task and I will sustain you in all your righteous efforts to effect organization.  There have been many who have come professing my name who were not called or commanded to perform this task.  I have given you the light, the understanding, and the authority to act in my name.  See that you do all that I command you.  Many have gone before you and have given in to the enticing of the adversary and lost their ability to serve me.  You must be strong in the days that are to come and call upon me in mighty prayer and I will send my angels to protect you on this pathway I have laid out before you.  Have faith in my ability to bring forth my work in these last days.

Continue to reach out to those who still hunger for the truths of my gospel and who still have the desire to bring forth my Kingdom.

The work I have called you to is my work, therefore be careful that you are not guilty of hindering that which I desire to bring forth through you.  This work is not for you alone, but for the whole world.  See that you fail me not.  Amen