No. 23

Moab, Utah

10 May 2001, 5:08 a.m.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Nolan, my son, hear me and I will reveal my will unto you.  You have prepared yourself to receive by study and prayer.  I will that for a little season you and my little band of Seventy gather together often to break bread, to fast and pray in solemn unity, that you may further prepare for those things that are shortly to come to pass.   Great faith must be within each of you so that you may be prepared to accomplish my purposes.  I have shown you that power of healing in a way that cannot be denied.  Add to this faith, my sons, and gain strength by heeding my counsel.

Many things will transpire swiftly for the hastening times are upon you.  You will see my words being fulfilled before your very eyes and know it is I that proclaimed it.  Once more I say unto you, prepare yourselves for that which is about to come forth upon the earth.  I will not withhold  my judgment from the ungodly nor give my inheritance to the spoilers.  Give heed to all my words and you shall persevere.

To my Presidents of Seventy:  The road you have traveled has been hard for you to bear.   I have lead you along this road to test your faithfulness.  You have been faithful.  Now do those things which I have called upon you to do in my name.  I will guide you in all your efforts to re-establish my cause in this part of my vineyard.  I have prepared many of my holy priesthood for service unto me, and if you and my Seventy bear your testimonies they will discern my body.  If you pursue with all your hearts and minds my cause, many will rally to my cause.

The course you have set out on will not be easy, however if you will call upon me with your needs I will hear and deliver you from your enemies and from despair.

The book you have prepared will do much to enlighten and guide those who seek my will.  Become willing to share those truths that it contains with all who will hear my voice.  The time is coming and is soon at hand that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.  You must be ready to guide and lead those I have put into your care into the pathway of righteousness.

Build upon my sure foundation which is my word, Mine Only Begotten Son and the Rock of Eternity.  Stand fast and call your solemn meetings and I will first pour out my Spirit upon you.  In the days of your poverty, I will allow you blessings that Kings and Princes cannot receive.  Keep all of my commandments and keep yourselves from the destructive influences that are loose in the world.         Until now you have been fed with milk.  It is my desire to feed you with that which is more substantial that you may abide the heat of the day and be strong to bring victory to my people who long for the appearance of my Kingdom.

You have looked at the wise and learned and questioned your ability to do the things which I have asked of you.  Have I not told you that the wisdom of the wise shall perish and I will break down the wisdom of the wise by raising up the weak and humble among  you!    Have faith in my ability to not only make the foulest clean, but to grant blessings untold to those who obey me in love and humility.  I will not withhold any righteous request from you as you continue to serve me, but you must have faith for without faith nothing is accomplished.

Your prayers have been heard and recorded.  The prayers if my handmaidens have sustained you.  Be faithful my sons and handmaidens.  Be studious, set times for fasting, and pray always, and I will never leave you comfortless.    Amen.