No. 24

Roseburg, Oregon

19 May 2001, 5:00 A.M.

 Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

    Thus saith the Lord:  I who am the same yesterday, today and forever desire to commune with you.  Your obedience and preparation are pleasing to me and it is my good pleasure to reward you with the fruit of my mind.  It is my will that you are obedient to all my commandments for in them is life and your security.  Your efforts to witness in my cause must be with total commitment, for if you are not fully convinced of the truth of my gospel how will others be assured?  Make that decision and commitment now and the power of your witness shall go forward as never before.

Fear not what people will think or do to thee because of your testimony.  It will be a blessing to those who are mine and a stumbling block for the wicked.

I have told you of my Seventy in a past age that I send you out as sheep among wolves.  Put your trust in me for I am mighty to deliver.  I will not allow the wicked to destroy that work I have called you to perform in my name.  You are my emissaries to all peoples, first to the Gentile and then to the Jew.  None can harm whom I protect, saith your Lord.

Continue to meet with my scattered people and witness to them all things which I have revealed to you.  Bear this testimony with power and conviction and those who are mine will accept my word.

When you move out in faith and when you keep yourselves humble and full of love and keep my commandments your word is the same as my word for I will put my words in you to share with all who will receive.  But unto those who will not receive you or my word it will be considered foolishness and they will go their own way on the pathway to destruction unless they speedily repent.  Your invitation shall be to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness. Invite them to come and receive nourishment to their souls.

It is my will that you build up the Quorum of Seventy.  I will guide you to those who I have chosen to serve me.  I have given you authority over my people and when I reveal to my Presidents of Seventy those whom I have called to serve, you are authorized to ordain those whom I call as Seventies, and all other officers in my church.  You are called to act in the place of the First Presidency until the church is set in order.  It is my will that you build up the Quorum of Seventy and strive to be of one mind, teaching each other that all may be in unity.  The task before you is great and I will reward the faithful with the crown of everlasting life in my Kingdom.

You whose names are written in my book gather together as often as you can and I will guide you along that pathway that will set in motion the great work of building up Zion.  I will give you more and more as you are obedient to that which I have given until you are successful in bringing forth that which I desire of you.

Fear not little flock, it is my good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  Have I not told you that my Kingdom will come?  My words are sure, sharper than a two-edged sword unto the dividing of both joints and marrow.  Heed my words and live and thrive and be exceedingly joyful for your part in my work which is about to be revealed to all mankind.  Be faithful, be studious, fast, pray and witness the saving power of my Son and you shall share my glory.  Amen.