No. 25

Revelation given to Richard   C. Weston

29 May 2001   Summerville, South Carolina 12: 47 am

After giving much thought to the mission and purpose of the Restoration Quorum of Seventy, I called upon my Heavenly Father for counsel and direction.  Believing that God would reveal His will to me and having the faith He would not forsake me, I persisted in prayer and supplication to my Heavenly Father.  I believe God has spoken through me giving the following counsel on 29 May 2001 at my home in Summerville, SC.

                 Richard my son:  Be still, and know that I am God.  I change not.  I am the same yesterday, today and always.  It is my will that the Restoration Quorum of Seventy, which you are a part, must continue in faith and endure to the consummation of that which I have entrusted to the quorum.  Acting as the Presidency of the church, you have full authority to undertake and accomplish all that I have charged you with   Procrastination in carrying out my will is not acceptable service.  However, I am in command, do not run before me.

                You have inquired of me concerning the selection of one to serve in the office of President of Seventy.   It is wisdom at this time to make that selection.  All remaining Seventy are qualified to serve and acceptable.  I leave the selection in the hands of my Seventy to be accomplished through common consent.  Use wisdom and choose wisely.  With the selection and setting apart of another president, my servant, Glenn Hughes, can meet with and confide in him concerning the selection of men from the eldership to serve as Seventy.  After acceptance of the calling by the candidate and approval of the body, ordination may take place without further delay.  It is vital at this time to build up and strengthen the quorum.

Further instruction will come in time.  See that you follow my instructions and not the will of men.  Be alert at all times and remember the adversary lurks in darkness.  Let your light shine bright that all men will know you are my disciples.

A Servant of the Most High God,

Richard C. Weston

President of Seventy