No. 26

Sibley, Missouri

12 June 2001, 2:31  AM

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

 To my Servants of the Seventy:

It is time to begin the task of restoration, even that which I promised you at the beginning of our journey along this pathway.  I have told you that I will give you each step you shall take and as you are faithful in accomplishing that which I have given, I will then give you more.

The time has come for you to take up your cross and follow me.  If you will bear this   burden with faith and diligence I will make your burden light.  You have desired to serve me and I have accepted your desire and now call upon you to go beyond your desires and  proclaim my gospel with the power and authority I have given you. Be not overly concerned about what you will say to my people for I will give you that which you must say.  And I say unto you, if I do not give you that which you are to say, withhold from speaking, for I am angry with those who profess my name and preach for my word the mind of man.  This has led many of my children from the true pathway.  Study to make yourselves approved.   Place my word upon your hearts and minds and trust my Spirit to give you utterance.  I will not make a promise to you that will not be kept.  Test my words to see if they are not faithful and true.

You must walk with renewed faith if you are to re-establish that which I have desired at your hands.  Walk in this faith and I will go before you and I will smooth out the rough places and straighten the crooked paths before your feet.  Walk in the faith that will allow me to empower you from on high.  Think not that you can receive this power if you are not sufficiently humble before me, for with great power I require great humility, love and purity.  I have cleansed you , my little band of Seventy, through the fires of adversity.  Each of you has been brought to this place in your lives by me.

I have known you before the world was made and my purposes in you shall not fail if you will continue to serve me with renewed commitment.  My hand is not stayed that I cannot do mine own work.  I have raised you up to fulfill my will upon the earth.  See that you act upon my word that you may store up treasures in heaven.

Accept my good favor toward you and let not your minds be troubled for I am with you.  My promises are sure. You shall never be alone. I am the light which lighteneth your eyes and your minds.   Call upon me in your needs and I will hear.  Continue in prayer and fasting, in preparation for that which I am about to bring forth.  Be prepared to receive those who are mine elect.  Be prepared to welcome back my scattered remnants.  Organize yourselves quickly as they come in and teach them all things I have taught you.

Keep my commandments and continue steadfastly on that pathway I have called you to walk, and lo I am with you until the end of the world.   Amen