No. 27

Revelation given to Richard C. Weston 28 June 2001

Between St. Louis, Missouri and Columbia, Missouri

Inspired message received through Richard Weston, 28 June 2001 in route to Independence, Missouri between St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri.  Shortly after leaving St. Louis and heading west on Interstate 70, the Spirit of the Lord communed with my inner-most being.  As I labored in this beautiful and comforting state, the following message was impressed on my mind.

To the Restoration Quorum of Seventy:

I know your concerns for my people and it is good and pleasing in my sight.  I have laid upon you, my servants, a great and honorable task one that you have measured up to through your valiant testimony of my Son.  You have done well, yet you must clear the air between yourselves and become united in the task that I have given you.  I have said in an earlier time, “Let nothing come between you and your God”

I am aware of the things that divide you to some small degree.*  If my purposes are to be accomplished, you must put aside those things that divide and put my purposes foremost in your labors.  Unity is essential and must be the order of each day.

Those things that you see and understand differently can be resolved in Joint Council after my church has been set in order.  Let not your hearts be troubled or stressed over this matter.  I will be with you always.  I will not forsake you.  Continue in your labors to bring about unity among my children wherever you find them.  If you love me, why not serve me.

His humble servant,

Richard Weston

President of Seventy