No. 28

  • A minor division among the Seventy

Revelation given to Richard C. Weston

14 July 2001 Summerville, South Carolina

 Revelation given through Richard Weston for counsel to the First Quorum of Restoration Seventy and all who have their name recorded in the Book of Names of The Book of the Law of the Lord.  Greetings this 14th day of July in the year of our Lord, two thousand and one.

I am pleased with your outward act of commitment to usher in My Kingdom upon the earth.  See that you remain true and faithful to My commandments and your reward will be secure in My bosom.

To my Seventy and all who support them in this Marvelous Work and Wonder:  Be tolerant as you witness, for all will not at first see clearly.  Many will be looking through a glass darkly.  Continue to nurture them, first with milk and afterwards with that of more substantial life-supporting food, yet some will still not respond.  Be not discouraged in the noble occupation you have enlisted in.

My saving grace is sufficient and must be made available to all My children.  Remember, I have given free agency to all.  Do not strip this gift from them.  They, like you, I will hold accountable on judgment day.

Nolan, My son, I am your Heavenly Father, Your Big Brother and Friend, and your Lord.  I will not forsake you or leave you alone.  I will counsel you when you need counseling.  Take no offence to my words, but rather heed the counsel for the good of My Kingdom.  Practice and learn tolerance with a goodly mix of temperance in all things.  I have blessed you and will continue so long as you remain faithful to the work entrusted to you.  Your ministry and that of your brethren, I have counted acceptable service.

To all who have enlisted in My cause, continue in steadfast faith with an eye single to My Glory.

His humble servant,

Richard Weston

President of Seventy