No. 29

Sibley. Missouri

17 July 2001, 7:20 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

      Blessed are ye, who have embarked upon this fast.  Those blessings you have asked of me are mine to give.  I am pleased with your desires and will bring to pass all that you have asked and even more than that which you have requested at my hand.  My Kingdom must come forth in power for I will fulfill all my promises to the children of men saith your God.  Hear me now my children.  It is yet a little while and Zion will become a fruitful field wherein ye may gather abundant fruit.  I will send my Spirit before your face and ye shall bear testimony in the power of my Spirit that will stir the hearts and souls of mine elect.

Fear not what the world might think or do unto you.  I will preserve you who cast in your sickles with all your might.  Trust in my power to deliver you from the powers of the adversary. Seek me when you feel in peril and I will be with you to strengthen you against all the powers of hell that may come against you.  The discouragement you are experiencing is part of the plan of the cunning one and he will not succeed.  Hear my voice and be glad when you suffer persecutions for know ye that as my seventy in times past were told by My Son that He saw Satan cast down,  I say unto you today once again that Satan is being cast down.  Take courage for the time is soon at hand that he shall be bound and not be allowed to tempt the nations any longer.  Your righteousness and the righteousness of those who shall come shall bind him.

My Kingdom shall flourish upon my mountain tops and every nation shall flow into it under the sun. You who are among the last of those laborers whom I have called into my vineyard as my stewards must be faithful to carry out all my desires to build up My Kingdom in this part of my vineyard.  If ye will turn to with all your might, I will reward you with success and great joy.  Seek to bring forth My Kingdom and ye are one with me.  For it is my will that My Kingdom be established.  You have the keys given you of Me.  You must open the way for my people to return unto Me.

Remember my counsel to hold yourselves aloof from all other organizations.  They are a snare that will entrap you if you are not wise.  My counsel to you is to gather together often and become of one heart and one mind and my Spirit will be in the midst of you to teach and guide you on this pathway that will bring together the scattered remnants of my people so that My Kingdom might go forth upon the earth.

Those who were noble and called of me have refused my invitation to come to my feast.  I therefore say unto you, go into the streets and bi-ways and call the poor, the rejected, those whom the world has cast off and bid them come to my feast for My Kingdom shall be, and the meek and lowly, those with broken hearts and contrite spirits shall have part in it.  I will guide you and those who shall have part in this great last work and know that it is I who will establish My Kingdom among you.  And the time shall come when all knees shall bow before Me, even all those who are left alive.

Treasure up these words in your hearts and know it is I who give them unto you.  Amen