No. 30

Sibley, Missouri

7 August 2001 3:13 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

 Hear O my people, the word I have for thee this day.  The time is ripe for the harvest to be gathered.  Cast in your sickles and reap, for with the horns of unicorns you shall push my people together from the ends of the earth.

Do not despair, you have been troubled of spirit and have felt that I was wroth with thee, but mine anger with my people shall be turned away when they begin to respond unto my commandments.  Ye have continually gone away from me your creator.  It is time now for you to return.

Forsake the world and stand in holy places, for the world ye now see must shortly be transformed.  Cast not your hearts upon the world but upon my Kingdom and I will preserve you saith your Lord.

I will refine those who are mine and clear away the dross from mine elect as with a refiners fire. Ye who say you are mine and yet will not hear my voice are yet in rebellion against me.  If you seek my will, is it to satisfy the lust of a curious mind, or is it to seek guidance from your Heavenly Father?  Stop your rebellious, backsliding ways saith the Lord or ye will not be mine.

Come together often as I have commanded you and with love and compassion in your hearts, for contention is not of me but of the adversary.  You shall not contend one with another, but submit yourselves to one another in brotherly kindness seeking to uplift each other and not tear down.  You of my Seventies must not give heed to the voice of the adversary for your work is my work and it will not be frustrated.  I have told you and tell you again, my work will come forth upon the earth to prepare for my return.  If you will have part in this work and preparation, you must not take my word lightly.

I have prepared many of my people to hear and respond to your ministry.  Testify of me and my impending Kingdom and you will succeed in bringing them back to me.  Fear not what the world can do to you.  I have overcome the world and would that you also overcome.

Those of you who are in other lands, test the Spirit and try Me saith the Lord, if this word is not of Me.  And if the Spirit saith come, will ye stay your hands?  I have called all who will hear to respond to my call with commitment to service.  The idler hath no place in Zion.  All who will serve Me must serve with full purpose of heart or their service is not acceptable. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

I am your God and Creator and have given my life a ransom for you, even all who will accept my gift.  If ye reject me ye have no gift.  Blessed are those who hear these words and respond to my call, for they shall be with me when I make up my jewels in the Kingdom of My Father.

My sons who retired to the woods to seek greater knowledge of Me:   It is pleasing to Me that you have great desire to serve me to the fullest, but there are many things that yet must be prepared before I can grant unto you the fullness that you desired.  Continue to prepare and all things you desire shall be fulfilled.  My word shall never fail and those who continue will reap the reward of the faithful laborer.  My peace I leave with you.  Amen.