No. 33

Sibley, Missouri

8 September 2001 1:23 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

        Thus saith the Lord your God.  I have observed your labors and even though you feel that at times your work is in vain, I say unto you it is not your work but mine.

Heed what I say, I have not deserted you!  You must keep this always before you.

Your disappointments are my disappointments and how many I have had with the children of men.

If you will, saith the Lord continue to strive in my cause you will not continue to be disappointed although you will not always be successful.

You are concerned when one turns back from the task from the work I have required.  Multiply that by ten thousands and you will begin to understand my disappointment with those children with whom I have strived.  Still, I AM God and not man.  My ways are not your ways.  I know the beginning and the end of all things, therefore all my creations must cone into being, act and be acted upon by my eternal laws, and be judged by my eternal truth which faileth not!

If you will keep this in mind and know that those who reject the truth which I have given unto you have rejected me saith the Lord, for I am the Spirit of Truth.  Heed my words and live.

It is my desire to give you not only life, but abundant life if you will allow my word to live in you.  But when you reject my word you reject the Spirit of Truth and grieve my Spirit saith your God.

How have you rejected my word?  I have prepared a sumptuous banquet for my children and they sit at my board and of all the nourishing food I have prepared, they pick and choose that which they will eat and that which they refuse.  If my children continue to refuse that which I have prepared for them they may find themselves going hungry, not because of lack of food but for their unwillingness to accept that which is available.

Do not turn away from me when I have given you all you have asked of me.  Do not reject the good things of my table.

I have allowed a time of trial to come upon you, for all who serve me must prove that they are willing to serve my purposes and not themselves.  For those who serve me must be willing to give up all for my Kingdom’s sake. You have not yet suffered as some of my sons and daughters have suffered in my cause.  And it is not my will that you learn by those things you suffer.  Hear me my children and I will deliver you from your conflict.

Seek to bring forth the work in preparation for my Kingdom and you shall reap the reward of the faithful laborer.  If you turn away from that which I have appointed unto you will you still expect the reward I have desired for you? I reward my children for obedience and not for strife.  If you have a desire to continue in my work heed my admonition for my words do not go forth and return unto me without being executed.  I am God and not man that I should repent.

Cease to strive one with another, ye are to do my work and not that of the Adversary.

I gave you the gift of unity and you have regarded it lightly and ran to strife.  Repent of this affront to my words and you are still called unto the work.  Heed it not and that work which I have appointed unto you will be given to another.

Do not say in your heart these words are of man, for I say unto you, I have given them to my servant from my own mouth and do not take them lightly.

Come out of the night of despair and into the light of my good pleasure.  Cast this burden of doubt and fear far from you and be ye one as I have commanded you.  I desire to give you the Kingdom, refuse not my gift.  Amen