No. 34

Sibley, Missouri

20 September 2001 2:55 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

        Verily, Verily, I say unto you I am the way the truth and the life.  Let him who hungereth and him who thirsteth come and be filled.  Seek me while I am yet to be found.  Soften your hearts and hear my words and you shall in no wise be unprofitable in my kingdom.

I seek those to serve me who come unto me with a willing heart and mind.  You who hear my voice profess your willingness to serve me.  I say unto you seal your profession by commitment and service and you will be accepted.  It is my will that all who will, shall serve me, for it is my will that all mankind should be saved in my kingdom.  And when you serve me ye serve my children.  You who have already made that commitment, see that you do not halt nor look back, for there is much to accomplish and I will use you for my eternal purposes as you move forward.  My mind is not as your minds.  I never change and the time will come and is soon at hand that you who are faithful will also have that same mind that does not change.  I have promised you that I will be an abiding comforter within you who have made covenant with me.  My Son has broken down that veil of flesh that has hidden my presence from my disobedient children, even those who have been disobedient from the beginning.  My Son has broken down the barrier that has separated you from my presence and that barrier is sinful disobedience and open rebellion.

But as not all will accept the pure sacrifice that has been made for them, they will have to suffer until they learn obedience, or they will be lost to a kingdom of glory.

Although many have feigned commitment to my Son, their commitment is not established upon that sound foundation which is my eternal word.  If my people are buffeted by the fierce waves of life, I say unto you, cling fast to that Rock which is anchored in eternity.

I have warned you that judgments of great magnitude are beginning to break forth upon the earth, and haughtiness and pride shall fall before me, saith your Lord.  I will still raise up the weak whom the world has rejected, to confound the wisdom of the wise and the mighty.

Hear my word this day and prepare your hearts and minds, yea prepare your affairs and your families affairs for that which is being brought forth, for mine anger is kindled and the day of my vengeance is nigh.  Come out of her O my People and do not partake of her judgments, for Babylon the Great must fall and that soul that clingeth to her skirts shall likewise perish with her, for her judgment will come upon her in one day and her destruction will be complete, for abomination shall not reign saith your Lord.  I shall thoroughly purge the threshing floor.  The wheat I will gather, but the chaff shall be carried away.  Keep yourselves from idols my children, and seek to ever come closer to me that I may shield you from harm.  If you call upon me with a perfect heart, I shall not deny you.  I will establish my cause with you and you shall rejoice upon my Holy Mountain, saith your Lord.  Amen