No. 35

Sibley, Missouri

19 October 2001 4:06 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

                 Hear me my people and I will give you my word.  It is yet a little while and all that I have commanded you shall be fulfilled.  Therefore take heed and be vigilant and you shall take part in my great work of the closing of time.  There are those who walk among you that are chosen instruments in my hand.  I have purposed to call them to my work.  I will have a prepared people that will embrace me at my coming.  You who hear my voice must respond to reap the reward I have prepared for the faithful when I come.

It is pleasing when my children embrace the truth and turn away from the world.  You have witnessed for my cause and your witness has born fruit.  Now prepare to secure that fruit that it be not lost nor spoiled, for it is my will that my children not only obey me, but that in their obedience they seek ways in which to serve me.

I have given you all gifts and talents according to mine own pleasure and foreknowledge.  Develop these gifts I have given to my children and turn them to the great work ahead of you,   which work shall come forth in unlimited power.  I have given my Seventy the authority at this time in your development to call others to the work and to ordain those who will take up the task into my holy priesthood.  Seek out those who are called that they may stand forth to assist you in this work.  You have the discernment of my Spirit and are authorized to act upon this discernment in my name.  All righteous acts which you perform in my name are according to my eternal will.

Keep yourselves from even the appearance of sin, for many eyes are upon you at this time.  Walk in that grace and truth which I have provided you and you shall reap an abundant harvest.

                You of my Seventy must understand a principle that has been a stumbling block in the past.  I have poured out gifts and talents upon you, however not all have the same gifts and talents and some of you at times have felt because of this that you were not in unity with each other.  I tell you now that each one of you of my faithful Seventy are mine and I am pleased with the efforts you have put forth.  I will test all my children and those who are faithful will receive from my hand greater responsibility.

Glenn, my Son, You have come a long way.  You have been faithful and true.  Your reward is sure.  I will yet use you for even greater purposes.  I will caution you however, to remain always humble, for if you let pride well up in you it will hinder your work.  Continue on that pathway I have called you to walk and let not anything hinder you.  I call upon my handmaiden Catherine to continue to support your efforts in my cause and it is my will at this time to tell her that her sins have been forgiven her.  It is my will that she continue studying and praying and giving that support that will be needed in the days to come.

As you come together let your minds be centered upon my holy purposes.  The world is perishing in sin.  Be not partakers of her sin.  I will yet raise up a people to serve me in righteousness and they will take part in my Kingdom.   Many who were called have lost their direction.  It is my will that those who will hear might be recovered that I may still use them in my cause.

Stay true to my covenant, my people.  Seek me while I can be found.  You are still called to the work.  Turn to with all your might and I will bless your work with treasures from on high.  Amen.