No. 36

Ivy Bend, Missouri

25 October 2001 4:30 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Be ye still and know that I am God.  If ye seek me diligently, I will reveal myself unto you.  If I reveal myself unto you,  heed those words I give you.  If you will heed all my words I have revealed unto you, you will have my Spirit to abide in you which leadeth into all truth.  And by observing to obey all truths bringeth forth righteousness which righteousness has power to sanctify all who obtain it.

My children keep yourselves from evil, for the adversary is raging in the hearts of the disobedient.  Practice every virtue and keep all my commandments and Zion shall flourish upon the hill tops.

I have sent forth righteousness from above and sent forth truth from the earth to prepare a people,  yea to build a city and have a people prepared to receive me when I come in my Glory.  You who have obeyed my voice, even my Elect, must do all that I have commanded you and I will push my cause to the utmost parts of the earth.  It is my will that my long scattered children are returned to me and gathered unto those places which are appointed.  I have given you my word through my servant Joseph Smith Jr., that my Zion will come and nothing will hinder it, for it is my will and my work and who can stay my hand?   I have given Zion and her stakes and Jerusalem as those places where my Elect Saints are to gather for places of refuge when my judgments are poured out upon the earth.  You of my Elect must heed all my words I have given through the mouths of all my prophets through all dispensations of time if you are to understand my purposes.    I change not saith your God otherwise you could not trust my word.  I am the same through all ages, hearken unto my words.

I have called Robert MacDonald to be a father to my church and he will bring that which I have given him for the benefit of my children.  He has been faithful to my word even though loyalties of some around him have shifted and some have lost their way.  Let him lift up his voice in my church and assist in the work I have given my Seventy to set all things in order.  If you who have been called to the work are diligent, I will add to your number and strength until all can be accomplished that I have required of you.  I will strengthen you if you will pray and fast.  It is my will that you exercise great faith in my work and that faith will manifest the fruits thereof which will bring wisdom, knowledge, steadfastness and healings.  Yea, by faith all things can be accomplished.  Look to the faith of Enoch, Noah and Abraham.  Believe on me, my people, and live by my words for they are given to be a guide for everlasting life.

I am pleased with the unity that has returned to my Seventy.  Now press on toward the goal I have given you to set all in order, and I am with you and will go before you and prepare the way for you to succeed.  It is my will and my work and I have called you to perform that will in the earth.  Persevere in my cause and rich shall be your reward.  Amen.