No. 37

Sibley, Missouri

27 December 2001 5:38 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Hearken unto me my children:  It is time for you to begin the process of bringing my people back to me.  I have heard your prayers and have accepted your offerings.  Be of good cheer, I have not deserted you even though for a little moment I have not spoken to you.  You must learn patience. I have been teaching you that lesson from the beginning but you have not heeded my promptings.  When I say it is yet a little while and all things will be set in order you have not understood that my time is not your time.  I will yet set my church and Kingdom in order in my time.  My word has gone forth and it will be accomplished according to my will.

It is my will that you, my children, are prepared to receive my Kingdom as it is unfolded unto you.  You have been given that which you are prepared to receive but think not that you have all my words.  There is yet much that I shall reveal unto you in the preparation I require of you;  yea even the mysteries of heaven which the world cannot receive.   Yet I have reserved them for a people who are tried and true for I will not reveal the mysteries of my Kingdom to a hypocritical and gainsaying people saith your God.

If you will continue to fast and importune my throne of grace, I can then open my treasures of wisdom and knowledge to you in greater abundance than you have previously received.    I will have a prepared people to serve my purposes in the earth.

Beware my children for the fury of the world is gathering against you and your Lord, and this fury will be arraigned against you and my word.  You will begin to understand that to be friends with the world is to be at enmity with your God.  The Apostle Paul’s words saying “make friends with mammon” should have been translated, do not antagonize your enemies.  The disappointments you have received are from those of troubled minds even those who let their judgment be over shadowed with prejudice.

My children let all your judgments be through and by my eternal word which never faileth.  Your concerns about those who embrace the truths contained in my word, but are not steadfast in what they receive are understood by my parable of the sower.  Be not discouraged by those who do not take my words seriously.  All have their agency and all must stand before me.

The disappointments you experience from time to time are due to my children using their agency against my eternal word.  Their works will not withstand the fire, but shall be consumed, notwithstanding they themselves may be saved.

You, my children, labor for that cause that has its existence in eternity and is much greater than the causes of this world.  Take heart and know that you are engaged in my cause and my cause shall not fail.

The trials you are going through now are to prepare you for the greater work I have for you.  If you will persevere on the course you have set your foot upon you will be successful in building on that foundation I prepared through my servant Joseph Smith Jr.   I have hid my face from my Saints for a little while for I was wroth with those shepherds at Nauvoo who scattered my flock.  But with great mercy and compassion I will gather again my children even those who will return to that foundation I have prepared.

Thus far you have not felt the Spirit in your meetings in the abundance that you experienced when you were working on the Book of the Law of the Lord.  I promise you that from hence forth my Spirit will guide you in your efforts to bring understanding to my people through the work you are now engaged in and the Book of the First Principles of the Gospel of the Kingdom will be a priceless tool for the furtherance of my work.  So continue your task and know that my Spirit will be with you to bring light and knowledge to your efforts.

Again I say unto you, be of good cheer for if I be for you, who can harm you?      Amen