No. 38

Sibley, Missouri

21 January 2002   4:47 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

Thus saith the Lord your God to you who hear my voice; take heed and you shall live.

I give unto you my Son and you shall know me through Him; And in His name shall all things be established, yea even your eternal life.  Through Him ye shall know that I AM; And through Him shall my Kingdom be established and exalted . Seek me through my Son and you shall surely find me for I have given all things into His hands both in heaven and on earth.  My Son and I are one.

You, my children whom I have called out of the world to serve me, see that ye serve me with all your might, mind and strength, for to whom much has been given, much is required.  I have given you many blessings and called you to be my special witnesses and even though you continue to look back at the world I will continue to counsel you to keep your hearts and minds on the goal I have continually set before you.  That goal has not changed. Set my church in order.  Warn my Saints to exercise their agency wisely if they are to take part in my kingdom.  There are those who continue to lead my people by the precepts of men and will use any means in an attempt to exert authority over them.  It is my will that you, my Seventies, speak out against those with vain ambitions who have been blinded by taking power unto themselves.  Speak out with your voices as you have opportunity.  Speak out in written correspondence.  Inform my Saints of their choices and these choices are: to serve me their God, or to serve the mammon of this world.  I desire that they shall not be lost, but I say unto you I gave them their agency to exercise in wisdom and if they choose unwisely they must reap the reward of the disobedient.

You have the desire to know what your part in reestablishing my church upon the true foundation should be.  I now say unto you, send the letters to my people.  They are confused and are being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.  Go to the General Assembly in April and if the church as a body rejects you they have rejected me saith your Lord.  But know that I will not reject you and you shall be with me when I make up my jewels.

Continue to pray for those who have been led astray, and set your times to fast.  I have given them of my Spirit, but many have become poor stewards over the blessings I have poured out upon them.  If you should be mistreated or abused do not retaliate, but submit yourselves to my care and I will be with you.  Do not enter into contention with them, but from this day forth show unfeigned love for them and express your desire to be their friends.  Communicate to them that you seek no power over them but have been given power and authority of me to set the church in order.

I say unto you they cannot survive if they do not return to the pattern I have given in my scriptures and which I have clarified in part in the book I caused you to bring forth.

I now have given you my directions.  Do those things which I command you and you in no wise will lose your reward.  I am with you always.  Amen