No. 39

Sibley, Missouri

2 February 2002   4:15 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Hearken unto me O my people, and I will give you my instructions.  You have petitioned me in humble prayer and I have heard your prayers for my church and your desires for its welfare.  I have recorded all your prayers for they are as a sweet smelling incense unto your Lord.  Study out those things you have asked of me in your minds and then have faith that I keep all my promises unto the children of men.  I have promised that you shall receive if you ask in a prayer of faith and ask that which is righteous.  It is my desire that you continue to pray for the welfare of my church.  It is also my desire that you fast in as much as ye are able, for by much prayer and fasting cometh the blessings of your God.   Let the Spirit of Truth guide all your decisions in your lives.  I AM the Spirit of Truth and if you will continue to draw close to me I will not leave you comfortless.

Be not deceived, but call on me in your times of need and I will grant you a clear understanding of the path you should take.  Confusion is not of me, but of the enemy of all righteousness.  The adversary seeks to mislead you by subtle ways that would lead my church to destruction.  Test all doctrine with my word that has already gone forth and where there is a lack of understanding, retire to your place of prayer and I will enlighten your minds and give you that understanding which you seek.  Be not deceived, that which is good, honest, true; cling to that and reject all who would hide their counsel and purposes behind a cloak of darkness, not willing to prove by my word their intentions.

Choose wisely, my children for the time has come for each of you to use that precious agency I delivered to your parents in the garden of paradise.  You will be called upon to exercise this agency in a way that will save that which I have brought forth or destroy that portion that has been given you as stewards in this part of my vineyard.  Choose well and you shall be blessed.  Amen