No. 40

Sibley, Missouri

6 February 2002  3:30 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

    Hear me my children and I will instruct you.  You have asked of me my will and perfect solution for my church.  It is my will that you counsel together and call upon me in mighty prayer, and if you will do this, then I can pour out my Spirit upon you and you shall know what I require of you.  Do not take too much upon you to burden you down with care; For I am in the midst of all things and mine arm is not shortened that I cannot save those who have made a covenant with me.

I will lead you on that path that I desire of you, but I will not force any of my children to do that which they of their own will are not willing to do.  I have given you the important points of my law when you met together and joined your hearts and minds in my cause.  Seek to that which I have given and it can guide you in all your decisions for my church and Kingdom.

Many have lost their vision and their way and have taken that path which is wide and which leadeth to destruction.  I have called you to take the narrow path that leadeth to life.  You, if you persevere on this path, will be ridiculed by the world and will be considered an enemy to those who refuse that path.  You must be willing to give up all for my sake if you are to stand in my presence.  It is I who gave you life and it is I who desire that you have eternal life.  Count not the things of this world as gain, but let your minds be stayed on those things that do not perish, those things which are eternal in the realm of my Kingdom.

I have given you the keys to eternal life through my Holy Priesthood.  Walk in that new and everlasting life that I give you.  Look not back at past errors, but look forward to my Kingdom.  I do not desire for you to suffer even though you will be subject to tribulations because of the wickedness of the world.  But count all these things as gain for those trials of your faith will temper you and give you strength to persevere in that cause which is just and Holy.

The time to work is drawing to a close and many will procrastinate and lose their reward.  And many will take the wide road and lose their way, but I say unto you be not led astray, but hold fast to the Rod of Iron and I will bring you through that mist of darkness that is clouding the understanding of those who are now called by my name.  As many as will keep my commandments and call upon me in their times of need, will receive that which they require to carry on my work.

Think not that my work will fail.  I will fulfill all my promises that I made unto your fathers; and nothing shall pass from my law until all shall be fulfilled.  Come out of the world and do not be partakers of the judgments which is her due recompense.  The world lieth in sin and the sons of man are perishing because of the wickedness of conspiring  forces.  I have warned you to cleanse yourselves of the blood of this generation and follow that narrow path that leadeth to my throne.

My Kingdom shall be established and all nations will flow unto it.  Do not allow the adversary to discourage you by the confusion he is causing to go forth.  Stand in Holy places and trust in me and let not your hearts be troubled, for I am with you.  Fear not what man does or what he can do to you, for I am greater than he who is in the world and none have the power to forcibly take my children from my protective care.  Call upon me in your times of need and trust in my ability to deliver you from all evil.  Do not despair, I will guide you in the times to come if you will come unto me in mighty prayer.  I will not deny the deep longings of my children, but will bring them forth victorious with all who have overcome.  Trust not in the arm of the flesh, but look unto me and keep my commandments, and I will prosper you in all your endeavors saith your Lord.  Amen