No. 41

Summerville, South Carolina

15 March 2002

Received by Seventy Richard C. Weston

The following counsel was received over a period of several days between March 10th and March 15th.  The message is first addressed to Richard Weston and then to all the Seventy and their wives.

Richard, my son, you have done well in your debate, but because of the mindset of the other side it has been in vain.  It is time to restrain yourself from debating any further.  My servant, Leonard Liedeke, has counseled you well.  See that you heed his counsel in this matter for it comes from our Father in Heaven.

To my Seventy and their wives:  The closeness of the hour of General Conference dictates a loving, caring, posture from each of you and from your wives.  Let your associations be in peace with a sincere concern for the souls of my children.  Let your countenance express your love, and my people will know you are my disciples.

Continue to make your presence at the meetings of my people in the Restoration Church and the scattered remnants as well.  You must go in peace and avoid all manner of dissention among my people.

It is my desire that you become more enthusiastic about the Book of the First Principles.  In light of the closeness of my return, my people must move on from these first principles.  My book, which I have entrusted to your care, will bring to light the need for those just entering the flock to learn these principles.  If they abide my Father’s commandments and grow in my likeness, spiritual fulfillment will be their just reward.

Be shepherds to my people and lead the way to eternal life.  Press forward, never to look back.  Walk in my footprints and don’t run before me.  I will not desert you.  Amen.

A Servant of Our Lord,

Richard C. Weston