No. 42

Sibley, Missouri

30 March 2002, 3:13 A.M.

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

   Thus saith the Lord to my people.  You have come thus far and kept my charge.  I am pleased with your response.  Continue to follow all that I have given thee and you will persevere unto victory.

I have heard your prayers concerning the gathering together of my people and many will be given Spiritual understanding to guide their decisions.  My work must continue and go forth as there is much to be accomplished before the day of my power.  Look beyond yourselves and the Conference of my people and I will carry you through this and all future challenges.  You know that my power to save is limited only by the rebellious nature of the disobedient.  Be ye not counted among them nor be partakers of their judgments.

I have given you my law and have made clear your pathway.  Continue therein and you will arrive safely in my Kingdom.

Hear what the Spirit saith unto my people.  Sin has never brought about my purposes and those who lead or attempt to lead by devious means shall fall.  Be not partakers of their sin or you also will be rejected.

It is I who have called forth laborers into my vineyard and given them their charge and determined their   pay.  I have assigned your tasks and will require it at your hands.  See that you render an honest accounting unto me.  I desire to reward the faithful laborers by allowing them to enter into my rest.  If you could see the glory that is to be revealed, your course would not be in doubt.  I have prepared for those who love me a rich repast and an eternal inheritance.  Come unto me, keep the charge and receive that which I desire to give you.

Look beyond yourselves to the task ahead.  I will yet call my people to bring forth and establish my Kingdom among the children of men.  I have called upon all who have heard me to seek to establish my Kingdom and they have not responded in ways that have succeeded.  It is my will that you succeed as it was my will that they should succeed.  I have never commanded my people to do that which cannot be accomplished.  Seek to bring forth my Kingdom that my Gospel might go forth unto all people for the last time.

I have given you the understanding to begin this work.  Do not turn aside nor turn back, but persevere and accept no diversions or delays, for my Kingdom must go forth that my Son may return to claim his own.

I am pleased with the unity and work of my Seventies and their wives.  Continue to meet often and I will continue to bless you with understanding and the joy of my Spirit.  Keep vigilance for Zion and the joy you have received will be extended to countless others.  This is but a small realization of that which is to come for it is in my mind to pour out my Spirit in abundance on all flesh.  Have I not told you I am no respecter of persons?  I will extend every opportunity for my wayward children to experience the manifestation of my Spirit that they have no excuse in the day of judgment.

My love for all my creation has not changed.  I am the same yesterday, today and forever.  My Spirit must yet go forth to the ends of the earth in power that those who will respond may be gathered to those places I will prepare for refuge against the storm of my great displeasure when my judgments are poured out upon the wicked.   See that you give heed to my warning voice and be ready to go out to a sinful generation that they might have opportunity with you to receive my blessings instead of cursings.

I will lead you as you continue to respond to my promptings.  You shall gain the victory if you persevere.  Be at peace; hold your peace with all people and I will fight your battles for you.  Go forth my people and accomplish all that I have commanded you and blessings without number will follow the faithful.  Amen