No. 43

Summerville, South Carolina

9 and 10 April 2002

Received by Seventy Richard C. Weston

Revelation received through Richard Weston while traveling home to South Carolina following the General Conference to set the church in order.

To my servants of the Seventy:

I am well pleased with the setting in order of my church and the response of my people to embrace the truth.  You have done well in carrying out the work I entrusted to you.  Your reward is secure in my Father’s kingdom.  Well done good and faithful servants.

Think not that your work is done.  Remember it is my work not yours and my work is from all eternity to all eternity.  Keep watch by night and by day to stay the wiliness of the adversary and thrash his deceptible plan to destroy my church.

Your choice of my son, Marcus Juby, was wise and pleasing to my Father.  Work with each other through a bond of love that will solidify my work on earth as it is in heaven.

Continue to serve as the Presidency of my church with my servant Marcus Juby as President, prophet, seer and revelator until the First Presidency or Council of Twelve Apostles is sufficiently organized.

Do not allow the present organizational structure to hinder the forward movement of my church.  In my time I will bring laborers to the field.

Put your shoulder to the plow and press forward to higher ground.  I will be your high tower and your strength in all your labors.  Go now into the regions both near and far baptizing all who believe in me.  Be diligent, my sons, and remember the time of my return no man knoweth, but it is nigh at hand.  Amen.