No. 44

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

18 June 2002  5:40 AM

         Hear, O My people whom I have brought out of troubled waters the voice of the Lord your God.  Many of your hearts have been broken because of the iniquity of those who were called to shepherd my flock but turned away from me and exercised priest craft over my people.  Beware of any who would seek to take away your agency.  Trust not in the arm of the flesh, but test all things by my eternal truth.  Let no one lead you astray.  My words are truth and I do not contradict what I have sent forth from my mouth to the children of men.

I have given you my law and accept those who have been called into my holy priesthood, but beware for even my elect are subject to the enticing of the adversary.  If anyone has or attempts to bring you that which is not in agreement with that which I gave to my servant Joseph Smith Jr., refuse to acknowledge it, for I have given him my law and my plan for bringing forth my kingdom upon the earth.

Woe unto any man that would add to or take away from that which I have given.  Seek not to counsel your Lord, but seek counsel and I will lead you into all truth. In time I will extend your understanding of my law and as you accept that  portion that you have received a time will come that I will grant you a fullness.   Search that which I have given and ask of me and I will enlighten your minds and give you that understanding you seek.

It is required of each of my Elect to study my words and seek that understanding that will be necessary to carry you through many tribulations.  Any who seek to exercise power or authority over my people will fail.  You who would be leaders of my people must become their servants not only in deed but in your hearts and minds.  I will then lift you up and cause you to lead in righteousness that my purposes might go forth upon the earth.

My purposes will not be frustrated although Satan is raging in the hearts of people.  Do not allow him to separate you as he has done in the past.  Be patient, my people and I will accomplish my strange work in the midst of my people.  You who are true and sincere will see it and you will receive a reward at my hand, but the rebellious and those who would become rulers over you will fail saith your Lord.  Those who desire my kingdom and look forward to the return of my Son, be of good cheer, for I am with you and will not leave you comfortless.  I know your thoughts and desires.  I have heard your prayers and have seen your tears which have been shed for my cause.  Continue to seek after me and I shall be found.  Keep my commandments.  Amen.