No. 45

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

28 June 2002  5:55 AM

          I was awakened by my alarm clock.  I then realized that the alarm was not set and I began to pray to the Lord of all creation.  I was told to write.

    Hear me my children for I am not far away.  I am your advocate with the Father of all, and will not leave you comfortless.  You are mine for I have purchased you with a price.  Your despair over the condition of my people will end and I will bring you joy instead of ashes.

Fear not for I am with you. Cast your cares upon me for I know the beginning and the end of all things and I have not brought you along this pathway to destroy you nor to see my work to end in vain.  Suffer these tribulations yet for a little while and my hand shall descend upon the ungodly unto their utter destruction.

Truth and righteousness shall yet flood the earth that mine Elect may be gathered in from their long dispersion.

It is my will that you continue on that pathway I have set before you.  My purposes have not changed.  All that you see transpiring around you at this present day is necessary for the cleansing of my Sanctuary, for judgment has started at the house of my people.  Therefore stand ye in holy places that ye be not swept away by the confusion that is seeking to destroy my work.  Those who love me and who will hold fast to my eternal word will I preserve,  but the rebellious, and those who will not endure sound doctrine shall be cast out and delivered over to the buffeting of the adversary.

Let your hearts be glad for you are seeing the times that must precede my return to claim you as my own.  Be not afraid and love one another, for perfect love will cast out all your fears and you may stand knowing you are mine.  No one can take you out of my hand.  You who have refused to be lead astray by the minds of men need not fear, you have stood for my truth and have persevered over unrighteousness.

Do not contend with those who desire to follow man and not my laws,  for all the unprofitable works of man shall perish and not withstand the day of my wrath.  Continue to come before my throne of grace for all your concerns and I will grant you all things which are expedient for you at this time in your immortal existence.

It is wisdom that you desired to not participate in the meetings that will be conducted at Richmond.  All things will be set in order in my own time saith your Lord, and you must hold yourselves ready to be a part of the great work that is yet to break forth upon mankind.

Be not discouraged but have joy.  You have stood for that which is just and true and those who do not understand my purposes have rejected you, but I have not rejected you for I am pleased with your steadfastness for my law and the cause which must break forth in glory.

Keep yourselves in the covenant you have made with me and I will empower you to withstand all tribulations unto victory.  Even so. Amen