No. 46

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

19 July 2002  5:32 AM

            I give unto you my will concerning the days ahead.  You have pondered in your mind many things which have troubled you greatly.  I desire to give you peace but know that the peace that I bestow upon my servants is not as the peace the world giveth.  The peace that I giveth edureth forever and only proceedeth from my throne of grace.

You have suffered from the loss of those who would not be steadfast in my word.  Their reward is upon that foundation that is without a base.  It is my desire that you do not follow that pathway.

Your disappointments are fully known by me for all things are in my hands.  It is not my will nor desire that you should suffer but know that I will not leave you comfortless if you call upon me and continue in the ways of righteousness.

Though you be few in number, fear not, for I am able to do mine own work and at my command I can send legions of angels to surround my little band of the faithful to protect and defend you.

Do not despair your reward shall not be lost.  I am God and not man and nothing escapes my notice.  Remain faithful to your covenants to me and always keep my commandments and I am with you always.

Your desire and prayers for direction have been heard and also your concern for those who call themselves by my name yet will not follow my commandments.

You have joined an unnumbered host that has gone beyond this world who have given their very lives for the cause of righteousness.  Your accounts in history do not reveal, but hide the great many who have made great sacrifices for my names sake.

You have not denied me and I will recognize your faithfulness in the day of my judgment. Seek your strengthening from above.

It is wisdom at this time to hold fast to the rod of iron and keep yourselves unspotted from the sins of the world.  I have told you that offences must come, but woe unto them who bring offences.  Do not be partakers of them who have gone the way that is popular which is the way of the world.  Stand apart and observe and see if all my words are not true and watch them unfold before your very eyes.

The enemy of all righteousness is raging and destruction of souls is his goal.  I have preserved you from his destructive lust. And I have saved you for a purpose which shall be revealed in due time.  Wait upon my direction and when the time is fulfilled, I will give you that direction you need to  go forward.

There is no end to my work therefore do not feel that my work has failed for it shall never fail even though there are those who refuse to continue therein.  Look not back, but keep your eye upon my purposes in the earth and you shall yet be a part of the great work that I decree will go forth upon the earth to complete my work among the children of men.  Do not turn back or despair of the things you desired, but did not come to pass.  The day will come that you will see clearly all that I have declared through my servants the prophets from the beginning.

Be strong, gird up your loins.   Know that it is I who command you and not man.  Be faithful, do not falter or let the adversary dishearten you, for you my little band of the faithful cannot be taken out of my hand.  Remain steadfast in my cause and ye are blessed. Amen