No. 47

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

14 August 2002 5:32 AM

        My son, you killed a dove yesterday.  It was not your intension nor desire to take its life, but know that all things are numbered unto me for I have created them and a time has been set with limits which cannot be passed.  The dove was numbered and fulfilled its purpose for which it was created.  See my hand in all things and I will reveal my purposes unto you.

Come let us reason together, if I appoint the times for a dove, do you not believe I also appoint the times of man?  I have also appointed a time for the return of my son and that will surely come to pass.  Prepare to receive him for he will come unto his own and only those who are looking forward to his coming and who have prepared their lives to be acceptable unto him shall stand at that day.  I have prepared oil in abundance for all who would fill their lamps and it has been purchased by my Son for you.  The price has been paid and it is available to all who would have their way made clear by my Holy Spirit.  You receive your portion of this oil by covenant with my Son and its light will lead you into the pathway of righteousness and all truth.

Do not mourn for my son Glenn (Hughes) for I have taken him unto myself and he is safe in my care.  I will comfort his family and watch over my handmaiden Catherine.  She must draw ever closer to me in her moments of sorrow and I will bring her reassurance and peace.

It is my will that all who call themselves after my name obey my laws.  I have given them for the benefit of mankind and desire that all enjoy the protection and guidance that are contained therein.   Seek to understand and implement those things that will move you closer to the realization of my kingdom.  You feel that instead of making progress toward my kingdom that my people are being scattered and torn.  I allow this to prove my people, for it is not my word that confuses my children, but they become confused when they trust in the arm of the flesh.  I say unto you once more come out of the world and enter into my rest.  Establish the principles and statutes of my kingdom and you will not be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.  Hold fast to that which you know is of me and reject the theories and precepts of men.

I have called you in times past a backsliding heifer and still today you desire to cling to the ways  that have failed.  Come out of her my people for Babylon the great shall fall.  Do not be a partaker of her judgments.  Make yourselves clean of the blood of this generation.  Fill your lamps with the oil of my Holy Spirit that has been purchased for that purpose.  Go and buy of him whose right it is to reign.  For it must be purchased by the dedication and covenant and righteousness of my Saints.

Seek and pray always for the gathering and unity of my scattered Elect who have been scattered and peeled and feel they have been cast out. I will yet accept them for Ephraim is my firstborn and how can I cast him off forever?  I will gather him with the loving kindness of a benevolent Father and I will yet plant him on my hills of Zion and he shall flourish and bring forth fruit meet for my kingdom.

Let all who call themselves by my name take heed of my counsel and the time will shortly come to pass that they shall see my face.   Amen