No. 48

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

22 September 2002  12:50 AM

 Hearken unto me, my son, for I have given unto you that which is most precious, even words of life and truth that faileth not. I am aware of your sorrows and have come to comfort you. You have humbled yourself sufficiently before me and now I can give unto you that strengthening you desire of me. It is my good will and desire to give you my kingdom for this is my will for all the obedient.

You have struggled in your mind concerning my gospel.  In your desire to please you have come nigh unto wresting my words.  Do not be over mindful of what you will bring to my children for my words must come through my Holy Spirit.  Your preparation is sufficient and it is my desire to speak through you.

Do not be overly concerned about the idle thoughts of others.  The world has had it’s day and the day lingers but a little while longer. Speak the truth as you are led by my Spirit and I will deliver words in abundance to a gainsaying skeptical world.  You need not fear what man can do unto you.  Know that they have done these things first unto me.  Seek to remain on the pathway of righteousness and you will be assisted by my Holy Messengers.

Say unto those gathering at Tarkio, “Thy God liveth and will come unto His own in these last days.”  Ye who bear the vessels of the Lord, beware how thou bearest them, for the time is come and the axe is laid to the tree and every tree that bringeth forth fruit shall be spared, but that tree that bringeth forth no fruit fit for my Kingdom shall he hewn down and cast into the fire.

Many have refused my invitation to my feast.  Will you also refuse me?  I desire to seat you at my table for my love for my children has not diminished  but if you refuse my invitation when the time for the feast has fully come the door will be closed and those refusing will be left without.

You are called to be the leaven, but if you refuse you shall not have place in my Kingdom saith your Lord.  For the leaven must go forth unto the whole world and bring my wayward children to a knowledge of my doctrine even the fullness of the gospel of my Kingdom.

Seek to do this and I will go before your face and prepare your way before you.  Sanctify yourselves and stand in Holy places and I will endow you from on high. I will choose you to bring to pass my words that must be fulfilled before the end cometh. Magnify your callings and I will prosper all your efforts.  Separate yourselves from the vain things of the world and I will pour out treasures from heaven.  Only then can your joy be full.

Cast your burdens upon me and I will give rest in it’s season and strength to carry out all my commands.

You are called as my Holy Army to thresh the nations with the rod of my power which is my word.  See that you fail not to magnify your callings.  Amen