No. 49

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

17 October 2002  4:35 A.M.

I was awakened and instructed to write:

Thus saith the Lord your God, I have called and you have answered and it is pleasing to me when my children respond to my call.     Hearken to the words I give unto you and prosper in all good works, for it is my will that you succeed in the tasks that I have given you.     It is my will that you continue to bring my word and light unto my children.  I have given you the keys to continue my work that must go forth to the children of men.  You will succeed in this task if you heed all that I have instructed you to accomplish in my name.

Say unto my people, Thus saith the Lord your God, I have given you my word in abundance and will bless you as you begin to accept that which I have freely given.  I have called unto you time after time to heed all that I have delivered to the children of men through those whom I have appointed to bring my word to a people who until now have refused to hear.     If you will call on me with a sincere heart, I will confirm my word upon you.  Seek me where I can be found.  I am found by those who by keeping my commandments are counted as obedient children.  The path that I have set before you is straight and narrow but it is the only path that leads to my kingdom.  There shall be many saved in a realm of glory but few that enter on that path that leads to my throne.  Seek this path with all your heart and I will light your way.  For it is my will that all who will, should return to me and that where I dwell they may also dwell.

I have heard and recorded your prayers for those around you and your concerns for them reflect my love for them.  Continue your vigilance in their behalf and follow your prayers by rich testimony of my Son and his saving grace.  Gather all who will gather with you and teach one another the peaceable things of my kingdom.  Continue in fasting and prayer and I will sanctify you and make you instruments of much good in this generation.

Call on me in times of distress and weakness and I will strengthen you.

The task ahead is great and there are but few who are committed to persevere unto the end.  But to those who make that commitment there awaits the reward greater than that of good and faithful servants, but the reward of obedient sons and daughters.

Teach my gospel and my kingdom will appear in power.  Seek my kingdom with all your might, mind, and strength and you shall find it.

I have reserved blessings for all who seek, find, and keep my words that have proceeded forth from my mouth.  Hearken ye unto them and you will understand all things pertaining to my kingdom and its righteousness.  When you have gained this understanding then go and do those things which I have commanded and you shall in no wise loose your reward.

Behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me. Amen