No. 50

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

28 February 2003, 5:20 A.M.

            Seek unto me while I am near and receive that which I have ordained unto you.  I have desired with great desire to strengthen you and who can stay my hand?

You have gone through much tribulation and have endured that which has been appointed unto you.  I will reward your faithfulness in the face of adversity.

You who have been steadfast, continue in that path I have prepared before you.  The way may be difficult and darkness may attempt to cover you; but know that I am with you always and will not leave you comfortless.

My arm is not shortened to save those who with great desire come near unto me  and I have invited all to come.

War looms on the horizon and great destructions await the wicked.  Stand ye in holy places.  Sanctify your homes, teach your little ones that they might withstand that day which is in my mind when I come down with a shout to deliver my people.  Blessed are all those who before the times of tribulation, prepare themselves in righteousness.  Let your time be spent in storing up treasures in heaven for by your works shall you be judged.

Will you respond to my call?  You are called to be my holy household, even a nation of kings and priests;  or are you not willing to accept my word that has gone forth to all nations that is contained in my Holy Scriptures?

All who will rally to my summons and cast in their sickles, shall reap the reward of the laborer and shall receive their wages of me.  I reward all who bring forth fruit in my vineyard, for the day of harvest is upon you and the gathering in must begin if there is to be a people prepared for my return.

All things shall be accomplished according to those words that have gone forth out of my mouth and not one word shall fail to be fulfilled.  Zion shall be and the city New Jerusalem shall flourish, but if those who are called refuse to obey my commandments, I will raise up others and call others who will obey me, saith your Lord.

Search my words all you who believe in me, that I am, and that my words are truth.  All that I have said shall be accomplished.

I await your response to what I have given you.  Do not procrastinate that work that must come to pass.  Zion shall be;  I have proclaimed it.  Will you labor for that which I have ordained or give your reward to another?  Amen