No. 51

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

26 March 2003, 2:45 A.M.

                Hearken unto me, my children and heed.  All things are in my hand and under my watchful eye; the perplexity of nations and the suffering of my little ones.  It is but a little while and my vengeance shall be poured out upon the wicked without measure.  Come ye apart from among them that ye be not partakers of their judgment.

Stand in holy places and become sanctified.  You who have desired to serve the Lord of Harvest do not procrastinate, for the day is late and the time to serve shall have passed.  If you seek to store up treasures in my kingdom where moth and rust doth not corrupt, you must hear my call.

And now I speak unto my children who are entering into a covenant with me.  Enter not into this covenant lightly, but seek to understand the commitment that is necessary if you are to keep my commandments and serve me.  If you would enter my kingdom you must value the things of my kingdom above the things of the world.  I have overcome the world and have shown you the way.  Study the word that I have sent forth and I will enlighten your understanding.

And to my good and faithful servant and his helpmate in Australia.  I have heard your prayers and I am well pleased with your love and dedication to the cause of my kingdom.  Continue on that pathway you have chosen and my Spirit will remain with you to guide you and comfort you along life’s pathway.

And now I say unto those who have a desire to serve me but allow the things of this world to cause them to hesitate.  Choose swiftly my children or the time for you to serve shall have passed and those profitable works that I would have you do in my name shall be lost.  Cast in your sickles while there is still light for the night draws near.

And unto the church.  Your efforts to organize in a more efficient way is pleasing to me.  I will bring more to assist in the work as you build up my church, but be not hasty in your efforts but act with prayer, and faith and I will grant you that discernment and light that is needed to set my church in order.  My Spirit will be with you as you meet at Tarkio.  I will give those gathering there reassurance and will strengthen them.

All who will serve me must continue in fasting and prayers and be committed to keeping all my commandments and I will be with you always.  Amen