No. 52

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

31 March 2003, 4:48 A.M.

                 Unto my Saints who are gathering at Tarkio:  I am pleased that you have responded to my call.  If you will gather in unity of Spirit I will be in your midst.   There is much to be accomplished and those who are willing to work and make the necessary sacrifices of time and resources are acceptable unto me.

Do not despair for the Son of man was also rejected and despised, but in all things fulfilled the will of the Father.

Fear not to espouse my cause and to come near unto me. I will strengthen your faith and uphold you in your efforts to serve me.  My word that has gone forth unto the children of men has never failed.  If you will feed upon my word it will nourish your soul and prepare in you that foundation that cannot be moved.

It is my will that you set apart Forrest Alderman to serve me in the office of the Presiding Bishop of my church. He has prepared throughout his life to serve me and his preparation is acceptable before me.

And unto my beloved servant Robert MacDonald:  Though you have felt yourself unworthy many times, I say unto you, I have accepted your repentance and you have sufficiently humbled yourself before me and as a father and Presiding Patriarch in my church, your preparation will provide the fatherly wisdom that my children require. Continue in service to me and your reward is sure.

It is my will that those remaining of my Seventies continue to act in the capacity of presidency until the church is able to gain strength and effect that organization that will be required to continue the work of establishing Zion and it’s righteousness.

All efforts that you put forth in righteousness in this conference will be acceptable unto me.  Unto those who have requested to enter into the covenant by baptism of water and the Holy Ghost:  It is pleasing when my children repent, come unto me and obey my commandments.  This is the beginning of our covenant.  If you will continue to be faithful to our covenant throughout your lifetime you shall enter into my rest.

The church is now admonished to uphold all who are new in the faith and to support each other as each grows in grace and truth.  Come together often in prayer and for study, and the Spirit of Truth will be in your midst to bear witness of the truth.  Keep yourselves in the bonds of love for each other and my love and protecting care shall surround you.  Do not despair, my little flock though you are few you are mine.  I will uphold you and bless you and build you up.  Continue to work and strive for the cause of Zion, and I will be with you always.  Amen