No. 53

Sibley Missouri

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

8 April, 2003 5:20 A.M.

                 Hear me, my people. I am God and there is no other. My throne has been set on high from eternity and I rule with truth and equity. I require of my creations their willing hearts and minds and desire that they choose me, the Father of all creation. I have given you my commandments through mine Only Begotten Son who is the Word of my Bosom.

Hear my word all you who would be obedient to my covenant with man. Those who enter into covenant with me must keep all my commandments that have been given for a guide to order your lives in righteousness. If my people will follow this guide and fulfill the covenant of promise, I will give unto you even more of my word. My word endures forever. My word is truth, and light, and Spirit. Seek ye diligently to receive my word and I will grant you light and understanding that will put down all false doctrine and the precepts of conspiring men. Seek this light and I will be able to bless you with abilities that will be your part in my eternal plan to bring to pass my kingdom in this part of my vineyard.

Each soul that I have created has been created from my great love. The heavens even wept when Lucifer, a Son of the Morning, rebelled against me and drew away many of my sons and daughters after him. Be not deceived by his subtle ways.  He will draw all who will follow him, but know that the ways of sin leadeth to death. He is now raging in the hearts and minds of man desiring to destroy their inheritance even life everlasting. Do not be partakers with the disobedient. I have called you to come out of the world and be clean before me. Choose wisely, my children and live.

My kingdom’s realization on earth moves slowly.  Many are unwilling to make the commitment to leave all for my sake; but to those who will, I will give unto them names that are greater than sons and daughters.  If you would serve me and work diligently for the cause of my kingdom, your joy will be full. I desire to give you joy.  Seek my kingdom with all your might, mind and strength and you shall have that joy.

Come apart and cleanse yourselves of all unrighteousness. Keep yourselves from the evils of this generation, for judgment goeth before my face. My Saints I will preserve, but the wicked shall not stand.

To my little flock who gathered in my name at Tarkio:  I am well pleased with your efforts to serve me in an acceptable way. I accept your efforts and if you will continue to meet together for worship, prayer, and to teach one another, I will continue to be in your midst and will bless you.

Your decision to meet every three months is in harmony with my will. Continue on the pathway you have entered and I will bring others to assist in the work. Be patient for I will use only the proven stones to build my house. Seek to make your selves approved.

And to my priesthood:   I command you who have been obedient to my words, teach each other, and teach my little ones that error may not lead them from me. Prepare carefully for your next conference and I will guide your efforts to effect a more complete organization. Do not let the adversary divide you one from another, for it is his desire to use your weaknesses to divide and destroy you. Keep your eye upon the goal of my kingdom and pursue it with all your strength and I will give you the victory over those issues that would divide you. Amen