No. 54

Coquille, Oregon

Received by Seventy Nolan W. Glauner

4 May, 2003 4:24 A.M.

                Thus saith the Lord of all the earth; hear and prosper.  It is my will that all things worketh for good for all those who love me and keep my commandments.

As you proceed in the work of organization remain vigilant to hear my voice and I will guide your footsteps on that pathway that I have revealed unto you.  It is my will that as soon as you are able, for you to prepare a plan for the advancement of my cause.  I have called you, my people, to prepare a place for me when I come.  Your preparations must be made with much prayer and consideration.  I will enlighten your minds as you come to me for direction in this preparation.  My hand is not shortened that I cannot reach forth and touch you with that understanding that is needed.  Turn to the task with all your might and I will prosper all that you do.

The laws that I have set down for you in my scriptures are sufficient for you to begin.  Study them out in your minds and come together as one people and agree upon the direction to proceed.  Call upon my faithful ones to begin sanctifying their homes and places of worship.  Let my holy priesthood lift up their voices to me in mighty prayer for your homes and places of worship and I will cleanse them for the presence of my Holy Spirit.

Continue your efforts to organize and build up my church.  If you will heed the counsel I gave to my servant, Joseph Smith, Jr., when I reestablished my authority on earth, you will move forward in the power that I administered through him to move my church forward.  Much of what I gave him is not recorded as scripture, but is contained in the day to day guidance I gave unto him in the days of the beginning of my Latter Day restoration.  Seek out those truths that are available in history, but beware some of the histories have been changed to promote the desires of men.  My Spirit will bear witness to the truth and to the error of those records.

I desire that the Elders of my church gather together often to prepare the way for my church to move forward.  I have allotted a period of time for you to accomplish the tasks I have given you.  Be faithful and use your time prudently.  If you will be faithful to this task of preparation, the way will be open unto you to accomplish much restoration of my people who are wandering and who are being overtaken by the world.  My church has been established to bring my children out of the world and into my Kingdom.  It is the purpose of my church to witness to the divinity of my Son to all who will hear that my Kingdom might come nigh unto them that they may have the opportunity of accepting or rejecting that which has been prepared for them.  If your preparation is not accomplished to what will you bring them?  I have given you my promise that I will give you the light that is needed to bring forth my purposes.  See that you seek that light for the blessing of my children.

My Bishop is to work with those whom I have chosen to refresh my church and to set it in order.  And with the advice of the Patriarch and Seventy, the Bishop is to implement the financial plan for my people; a plan that is for unorganized areas of my church and for organized branches looking forward to the time when I can once more establish my stakes for the curtains of Zion.  If the leading Elders of my church will seek this light that I will give them, if they desire it with all their hearts, I will pour out my Spirit of understanding unto them in abundance that they may accomplish my purposes.  There is much preparation and the workers are few.  I will use those who are willing to forward my cause.  Nothing will stop those events that I have shown forth unto my prophets from the beginning.  All will be accomplished.  It is my will that you who I am speaking to will heed my counsel and do those things I have commanded.  For it is my will to grant you great blessings and it is my will to give you the Kingdom.  Amen